"A fast-paced, often humorous time-travel"

Some days you just can't win; others you can't win and get thrown back in time. Jackie Clarke is having one of the latter days and that's only the beginning of her troubles.

Jackie finds herself suddenly hurled back to 1891 compliments of a glowing painting in an abandoned saloon. She is mistaken for an infamous saloon singer named Lolita Belle, although not all the voluptuous Miss Belle's assets correspond and she can't sing a note that doesn't grate on the ears like nails on a chalkboard.

Within hours, she finds herself at the mercy of a struggling miner who kidnaps her for the gold he'll receive from a competing saloon owner. The miner, a Mel Gibson look- alike named Cole Morrison, is raising a son on his own. He quickly discovers his feelings growing for his abducted house guest and not a little guilt over the deed. Jackie Clarke learns all kidnappers aren't created equal and the Wild West isn't such a bad time period after all. Add to that an ex-lover with bad intentions and greed in his heart, and the reader is off on a rollicking adventure.

A MOMENT IN TIME is a fast-paced, often humorous read with effervescent characters and jaunty prose, passionate love scenes and clever turns of phrase. The ending is satisfying (with the possible exception of the lack of explanation for the time travel mechanism) and the journey a thrill a page.

Howard Hopkins Copyright March 2002 For ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted May 10, 2002


From award-winning author Deb Stover comes an enthralling time-travel romance that finds a modern woman in the throes of a wild west adventure...and in the arms of a dangerously sexy man.

Destiny Swept Her Back in Time... After a romantic mountain getaway ends in disaster, Jackie Clarke finds herself hiking back down to civilization alone. But a wrong turn soon lands her in a ghost town, where in one moment she's staring at a portrait of saloon singer Lolita Belle, and in the next she's transported back to the year 1891! Now everyone in Devil's Gulch, Colorado assumes Jackie is Lolita, including the ruggedly sexy man who's just kidnapped her!

...Could Love Keep Her There?

Cole Morrison has spent five long years digging in that damned hole he calls a mine, and he's still barely scraping by. So when a saloon-keeper offers him a small fortune to bring him the legendary Lolita Belle, he agrees to it. But what's supposed to be a business transaction soon turns into anything but when desire flares. Now Cole is left to wonder how a man forges a future with a temptress from another time.

Genre: Paranormal Romance (Time Travel), Historical Old West

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A Moment In Time
by Deb Stover

Kensington Publishing (Zebra)
June 1, 2000
Available: June 1, 2000
ISBN #0821766201
EAN #9780821766200
318 pages
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