"Intense, Passionate, Vampire Tale with an Ironic Twist"

Lucian had been the guardian of his people for centuries, a hunter and destroyer of vampires. He'd finally delivered his beloved twin into the arms of his lifemate, and his soul was in fragments. He was tired and ready to end his bleak existence. But Francesca, Gabriel's lifemate, had urged him to hang on for the sake of his own lifemate, who she assured him existed, a child in great pain.

Jaxon Montgomery is a protector as well. It is part of her nature, her childhood had demanded it. Her father had been a Navy SEAL. She'd been in training practically since she could walk. Her mother had been fragile. Many of the household responsibilities had fallen upon her young shoulders as well. Her nightmare had begun when her father was killed while on assignment. Jaxon had thought it a blessing when his best friend, a fellow SEAL, had stepped in to fill the breach. Tyler Drake had promised to watch over her and keep her safe. But then he'd changed. His twisted obsession with her, his need to be the focus of her attention, had led him to destroy anyone she'd cared about, her family, her friends. Tyler was well trained and clever, he'd eluded the authorities for years. Even now when she was fully grown, a police officer, sworn to defend others, he was still a threat to anyone whose life she touched. This weighed heavily on her soul.

Jaxx's protective nature had nearly gotten her killed when Lucian intervened. The same intuition which made it possible for her to be a lifemate to one of his kind, had always alerted her to the presence of evil. The bust she was on was about to go sour. She'd alerted her fellow officers, but one of the men had failed to take heed. She'd done the only thing she could do. She'd followed him into the ambush, with her partner close upon her heels. Attempting to draw fire away from her men, she'd been severely wounded. Perhaps it was for the best.

She awoke not in the hospital, but in a room of a private residence, in the care of a strange and incredibly handsome man. Her sixth sense told her that he was a predator, but she sensed no evil in him. He claimed that she was his lifemate, and that he would always see to her protection. But he was wrong, it was he who needed protection. From her. She couldn't afford to care for him, or anyone. Tyler Drake would never allow it. The choice is taken out of her hands when Lucian publicly declares her as his own. Now it is inevitable that Drake will strike again. Jaxon refuses to stand idly by and let Lucian handle her problem. She vows to keep HIM safe at any cost. Lucian quickly learns that loving a person means accepting them as they are. This petite dynamo had brought color and emotion back into his life. It was his duty to see to her happiness. If Jaxon is determined to fight by his side, there is but one thing he can do to assure her safety, bind her to him in the way of his people. Their journey is about to begin.

Ms. Feehan has turned up the intensity once again. Naturally the human sociopath is the least of their problems. Where there is a potential lifemate, vampires congregate. Followers of the series are aware that Lucian is an ancient and perhaps the most powerful Carpathian in existence. Of the line of the Dark Ones, he is both healer and hunter. Not even his twin could equal him. Although most unmated males of his species live solitary existences, the unique relationship of being, and working in tandem with his twin, has made Lucian more adaptable and able to accept his lifemate as a partner. She is a strong protector in her own right, determined to be treated as an equal rather than be protected and cosseted. Her innate ability to sense danger is an asset, a compliment to his Carpathian abilities. Together they are an unbeatable combination. Of course as with all of her stories, the dramatic tension is only surpassed by the sexual tension. Gabriel and Jaxon sizzle. DARK GUARDIAN is another highly enjoyable Carpathian tale filled to the brim with suspense, passion, and a delicious twist of irony.

Copyright 2002

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted May 9, 2002


A Carpathian Novel

Jaxon Montgomery is a woman hunted. Trained by the Special Forces, honed by a traumatic childhood, she is a policewoman with an undisputed reputation. She meets her match when she is set up to be murdered by an enemy. Hunted on all sides, she can only turn to the mysterious stranger who seems more dangerous than any other she has ever known.

He ran with the wolves?
Materialized from the mists?
Hijacked the very heavens to his whims?

He was the Dark Guardian of his people. So how, after centuries of bleak, soulless existence, had he suddenly come to crave petite, curvy, colorful lady cop Jaxon Montgomery, who foolishly made it her life?s work to protect others from harm?

Fiercely daring, Jaxx would sacrifice anything to shield others - particularly since a deadly menace dogged her every footstep, threatening all who got close to her. And strangely seductive, piercingly erotic, this stranger claiming her was no exception. He was powerfully, perilously mesmerizing-oddly gentle yet clearly a born predator. He had vowed to possess her, to guard her for all time. Yet with his every thirsty kiss, was he drawing Jaxon more deeply into danger?and his dark mysterious desires?

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampire, Shapeshifter

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Dark Guardian
(Dark: Book 9)
by Christine Feehan

Dorchester (Leisure Books)
May 1, 2002
Available: May 1, 2002
ISBN #0843949945
EAN #9780843949940
384 pages
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