"The story line for the most part is exciting and fast-paced"

Already bone wary from battle Axis SunSoar knows his destiny requires he fulfill Wolfstar's prophecy, but the Icarii patriarch's words are vague and it is hard to understand what must be done. Axis realizes he needs to fight WolfStar's malevolent half-brother, Gorgrael and sacrifice the evil one's lover. However who is this woman? Is it Axis' own wife, the niece of his enemy Gorgrael, a pregnant Azhure carrying sorcery killing twins? Or perhaps Axis' former lover Faraday is the intended victim? Or is some unknown other female?

At the same time Gorgrael creates deadly gryphons who have seemingly endless litters containing nine puppies and seem constantly pregnant or giving birth. At the rate they multiply, the world is endangered.

Battle is eminent between the forces of Axis and those of Gorgrael. Axis and Gorgrael, prepare for the epic confrontation in different ways.

STARMAN closes out the Wayfarer Redemption sub-trilogy with a solid epic fantasy but not quite on a par with THE WAYFARER REDEMPTION and ENCHANTER novels because the final confrontation seems too brief and Utopian. The story line for the most part is exciting and fast-paced as the forces of good and evil ready for war though mystical pregnancies abound in this plot playing with the hormones of strong individuals. Still fans of the series will relish Sara Douglass' latest tale and want to read the remaining Tencendor tales; for those who cannot wait for the American release, go to to obtain most if not all of the remaining novels not just this sub-trilogy.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted April 28, 2002


Axis is the StarMan of prophecy and legend, destined to lead the three races of his world to unite as one people. The people of his world all know the Prophecy of the Destroyer, despite the failed attempts of the Seneschal to suppress it in the name of the god Artor the Ploughman, and it predicts and dictates Axis's path through war and destruction to the creation of Tencendor.

The Prophecy foretold that Axis would defeat his half- brother and lay claim to the land that Tencendor will be created upon. The Prophecy told of the traitor in Axis's camp-Faraday's champion, Timozel.

And the Prophecy foretold many a choice that Axis must make in order to fulfill his destiny . . . but neglected to mention the choice between the beautiful and courageous Faraday, his late half-brother's wife, and the feisty and hauntingly enchanting Azhure.

To Faraday, he had pledged his love and a place by his side as ruler of Tencendor; to Azhure, he had given his children, his time, and his devotion.

His love for both women is what the last twist of the Prophecy relies on. While Azhure explores her newfound powers as an Icarii Enchantress, and Faraday replants the ancient forests of the Mother, the evil Gorgrael is plotting Axis's downfall, invading the sky with ice and terror and the flesh-hungry Gryphons. His most daring move is to follow prophecy, to taunt Axis with the pain of his beloved.

But which beloved woman will Gorgrael choose . . . and will she be the one whose death will distract Axis from saving the world?


(The Axis Trilogy: Book 3 / Wayfarer Redemption)
by Sara Douglass

Tor Books
May 1, 2002
Available: May 17, 2002
ISBN #0312878885
EAN #9780312878887
432 pages
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