"The Cat Came Back...As a Lady! Fancy that."

Although the heroine divides her time between human and animal form, this is not to be mistaken for a shapeshifter tale. It is an enchantment reminiscent of The Little Mermaid or the Swan Princess. The heroine's transformation is conditional on her winning the love of her beloved, in a given period of time.

Whoever said that his dog is a man's best friend certainly didn't know Nicholas Goodman. Nick is a man who has it all, a high-powered job with a lucrative salary and a high maintenance fiancée to complete the package. So why isn't he particularly happy?

Nick had been forced into responsibility early. In his first year of college his parents had died leaving no insurance, and the care of his kid sister to Nick, who now feels compelled to make sure that he and his sister never lack security again. Never mind that he was much happier working in the DA's office, or that he had once been able to get home in time for dinner, before he'd joined the prestigious law firm billing hours for well-heeled clients. Never mind that his fiancé refers to their impending nuptials as a partnership, while skirting the issue of love entirely. Never mind that he is being compelled to obtain a business for the firm's biggest client, using whatever means are necessary, no matter how dirty. That the client is also his fiancées father, whose wishes must be fulfilled if Nick is to not to be passed over for a partnership this year, is also a factor. Failure would be the kiss of death. Yes, his life is going just great.

Well at least his cat Maggie loves him unconditionally, and he loves her right back. He had saved her as a stray and even his fiancée can't persuade him to part with her. Maggie is different, special. Her soul has always been more human than cat. Though her reasoning is undeveloped, she knows that she dislikes Nicholas' fiancée, and she knows she loves Nick. In fact she wants him all to herself, and to that end she approaches Old Tom, a one-eyed cat with an impossible request. Thus begins the enchantment.

Naturally there are conditions. There is the time limit. Nick must admit his love for Maggie aloud before the week ends, and Maggie will only take the form of a woman at night, remaining a cat by day. Good thing Nick keeps all those late hours, even on his birthday.

Nick's laid back best friend Hoop has convinced him to kick back for a few hours to celebrate. But upon opening the door to leave, Nick is greeted by a lovely and very naked woman, obviously his friend's twisted idea of a joke. Oddly enough the woman's name is Maggie, the very same as Nick's now missing cat. The woman is lost and confused and soon Nick is too. His head tells him to do the honorable thing and send her away, but his heart is a different matter.

Maggie's got a lot on her side, beauty, innocence, and genuine affection for Nick. Add to that the support of Nick's best friend, and his whimsical sister Deena (she's conversed with a fairy), who like her as much as they despise Nick's fiancée, the Ice Queen. How can she fail? Our friend Nick has a lot more to keep him awake nights now, but can he exchange his carefully planned future for another one that will bring him pure joy but no security? Will his sense of honor and duty get in the way of their happiness? Get ready for Halloween and look out for black cats! Oh and if you see a beautiful woman snacking on kitty treats well.........

This story was filled with humor and as with all good fairy tales, there is a moral ... money can buy a lot of things but never love. A fun read particularly if you "fancy" cats!

Copyright © 2000

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted April 25, 2002


Get ready for ...

The Cat's Meow -- Straight-laced Nicholas Goodman's life was going just fine. A hotshot attorney in a huge law firm, Nick had money, success, and a girlfriend whose father just happened to be his biggest client. All the aspects of his life were tucked neatly into nice little corners, just the way Nick liked it. Until he opened his door and found a completely naked, slightly befuddled, green-eyed beauty on his doorstep.

A Woman's Wish -- Maggie had found the man of her dreams--Nick Goodman. He was smart, sexy, and she knew he loved her. Maggie's only problem was ... well, she wasn't entirely human. But Maggie was determined, and through the power of love she was given a chance--and a lithe woman's body. She had one week to convince Nicholas to admit that he loved her. One week to prove that a guy like Nick could fall for "a girl like Maggie." One week to prove that a cat's fancy could be the love of a lifetime.

Did you know that Hoop and Deena (who first appear in The Cat's Fancy) appear in all of the Aphrodite novels?


The Cat's Fancy
(Time Of Your Life Series)
by Julie Kenner

Love Spell
August 1, 2000
ISBN #0505523973
EAN #9780505523976
400 pages
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