"Hot and Humorous - Its Check and Mate for Sexy Game MVP from the Future!"

Prediction: Curling will become the top spectator sport by the year 2502 -- toe curling that is, if Brian Byrne has anything to do with it! I recommend that you kick off your shoes before settling down with NIGHT GAMES and let the games begin!

Five hundred years into the future, advanced technology has given new meaning to the word couch potato. Earth is the home to the universe's wealthiest citizens who no longer need to lift a finger to have their heart's desire. Disease has been eradicated, war has been eliminated, and violent contact sports have been banned. No need to expend energy on anything. The latest entertainment? Why Monday Night Sex Games, where the rich and idle can thrill vicariously by watching their favorite team score!

Life on the outer planets is quite a different story. There the less fortunate fend for themselves in any way that they can. That had been Brian's life story. He'd been abandoned by his mother at the age of six. She'd promised to come back, but that promise remained unkept. Brian had had to do many things to survive, but he'd only broken a promise once. The consequences had been deadly, and he'd sworn that for the rest of his life his word would be his bond. He'd been lucky. By the time he'd become a tall, strong, and handsome boy of sixteen, he'd been well on the way to a life of crime. Fortunately he was discovered by one of the best agents in the sex game business, and offered a job instead. Now at thirty, Brian is the best of the best. He'd just won the MVP award in the Sex Super Bowl.

He could live a life of leisure when his contract expires, yet he isn't satisfied. Something is definitely missing in his life. His hands had touched many women, but none ever touched him, let alone his heart. His job was about sex, not connection. Sure he had his kids. He'd made sure his earnings had been put to good use, so that other unfortunate boys would not have to repeat his experiences, but maybe he needed something more. He was due for a vacation. The no-sex clause in his contract insured that he would leave work behind for three weeks. Perhaps he could do something useful with his hands. He'd always wanted to build something.

To the chagrin of his manager and team owner, he decides on a time travel trip to Ireland in 2002. Brian's mother had left him a single family connection, a memory chip. He would visit the ruins of the Byrne's ancestral castle and perhaps he could rebuild it. He'd even arranged to have the mystical time traveling white stag deliver him at night, so as not to surprise anyone. Guess again.

Ally O'Neill was taking a necessary break from her career as well. The writer of a successful "Perfect Wife" series, had just become a divorce statistic. How humiliating is that? She'd jumped at the chance to accompany her great aunt Katy on a search for the paranormal in Ireland. She hadn't counted on Katy's desire for rustic travel and living, or the interesting hours she kept while searching. That is how Ally found herself outside the castle ruins after midnight, hoping to catch a glimpse of a vampire named Black Liam Byrne, NOT! She finds a Byrne alright, Brian.

From the start Ally affects Brian in a way that he's never experienced before. For one thing she's not interested in having sex with him (okay at least those are the vibes she's giving off). For another she seems to be affecting his rigid self control. Only he decides when to activate THOSE parts, but not around Ally. Brian would sure like to have a woman please him for a change, but after her failed relationship, Ally's not about to spend her time pleasing a man ever again. The next time the man would have to please her! Hm, it seems that these two are at cross purposes, but Ally's editor wants a new book, about living the single life. And that includes hot sex! How handy to have Brian as a reference on that subject. After all, he's the expert. But will the no-sex clause in his contract interfere with her research? Will keeping his word take precedence over his feelings of rightness about this time, and this woman?

Brian's attitude and Ally's reaction to it would have been humorous enough. Add to that a hyperactive great aunt, and the host of time travelers who arrive to protect "their interests", his team owner, agent, and yep even his personal trainer, not to mention the competition who wouldn't mind if he stayed in the past. Between the sexual innuendo and the humor, is suspense. Accidents keep happening and it appears that someone is trying very hard to get Ally out of the way. What fun! Sex, comedy, time travel, and mystery, all wrapped up into one potent romance novel. What more could you ask for? Nina Bangs has served up yet another hot and humorous romance. Enjoy!

Copyright 2002

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted April 25, 2002



In the year 2502, sex is a spectator sport, and Brian Byrne is its undisputed champion. He plays with a passion for the game, never for the woman. So why does he feel burned out, used up, and in need of a vacation? A few weeks in a simpler time where he doesn't have to think about sex sounds great.


Ally O'Neill is having a career crisis. She is the best- selling author of a series on how to be the perfect wife. She is also recently divorced, so her perfect wife theory obviously needs fine-tuning. Her publisher now wants Ally to write about a night of sexual pleasure from a single woman's perspective. What does she know about sex and today's single woman? Nothing. Ally requires a consultant with sex-god credentials.

Ally and Brian meet in 2002 beside the ruins of an Irish castle. Ally believes she needs Brian for only one night, but soon realizes she wants him to be her forever-man. Brian thinks no woman can tempt him, but Ally quickly has him trying to renegotiate the no-sex clause in his contract.

In a world where no one has ever heard of the Testosterone Titans, Brian is about to discover that scoring is a lot less fun than falling in love.

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Night Games
by Nina Bangs

Love Spell
May 1, 2002
ISBN #0505524805
EAN #9780505524805
368 pages
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