"suspenseful romance novel"

DANGEROUS INTENTSIONS is a well-crafted, well-plotted, and suspenseful romance novel, a great read from beginning to end. Scott Danger is a "larger-than-life" man applying to be the subject of a "hero" article in Kiley Chapman's magazine. He, of course, is perfect for the job. However, Scott is there under false pretenses; he is actually a bodyguard hired by Kiley's uncle to keep her safe from a former business associate. Kiley is a lovely, strong-willed woman. Ten years ago a former lover kidnapped her and she had to be strong to survive both that and its terrible mental aftereffects.

Both Scott and Kiley are independent and intelligent people and both are reluctant to give into their attraction to each other. But when they do give in, the sparks are everywhere. While Scott was a lot of fun, I particular loved Kiley's character. When she is attacked, she fights back, and has taken enough self-defense classes to be effective. Only with Scott is she truly vulnerable.

The plot twists are well done, the minor characters fully drawn, the villains as evil any you've met. A paranormal element is added when a couple of the secondary characters turn out to have some minor psychic abilities, to be able to sense the intensions of others from a distance. Since at least one of these characters is in the sequel, TREACHEROUS WISHES, it will be interesting to see how that will play a part in Ms. Agnew's next book.

I totally enjoyed DANGEROUS INTENTSIONS and recommend it highly.

Janet Miller Copyright 2002
for ParaNormal Romance Reviews
originally published @ Amazing Authors Showcase

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted April 24, 2002


Dangerous Intentions
by Denise A. Agnew

Treble Heart Books
January 2, 2002
ISBN #1931742154
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