"plenty of magic, occult, mystery, danger, laughter and wit"

Patricia C Wrede's MAGICIAN'S WARD is a totally delightful book! It's both a regency and a paranormal. It's also the sequel to MAIRELON THE MAGICIAN, which I've not read but it's not required to enjoy WARD.

Wrede pens a fun, pithy, exciting story of the 'Pygmalion' type evolution of a young street thief, Kim, who's spent most of her youth disguised as a boy.. Mairelon, a wizard, is also Richard Merrill, youngest son of a noble family in Regency England. While actual ages are not specified, you can infer Kim's in her late teens, early twenties, and Mairelon is late twenties, early thirties. Not quite a May- December romance -- in fact, the thrust of the book is NOT romance though it does end with one-- the oft misinterpreted interactions between the magician and his ward are based on both the differences in their ages and social status.

An attempted theft of a book of spells from Mairelon's townhouse and the subsequent events are the story of MAGICIAN'S WARD. There's plenty of magic, occult, mystery, danger, laughter and wit. I was particularly impressed with Wrede's secondary characters. But Kim, the ward, steals the show, as rightly she should. She has an admirable strength, some of it gutter-grown, and a large dose of moxie. But she's also unsure and vulnerable about herself, her mage talents and her social status, and shows real growth in those areas. A thoroughly likable heroine!

I've not read Wrede before but will definitely seek out her other books.

Linnea Sinclair Copyright November 2000

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted April 19, 2002


From Ingram
When Mairelon made Kim his ward, he promised to teach her to be a lady and a magician. But magic proves to be harder than it looks, and being a lady is even harder. Before frustration--and Merrill's formidably correct aunt--can drive Kim mad, a mysterious gentleman attempts to burgle the Merrill town house. Soon, disaster strikes Mairelon, and Kim braves London society and her old, familiar back slums to save him, helped by a London moneylender, a Russian wizard prince, seven legendary French wizards, and Mairelon's charmingly eccentric mother.


Magician's Ward
by Patricia C. Wrede

Tor Books
October 1, 1998
ISBN #0812520858
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