"vampire story with a nice surprise ending"

Roger Wanamaker is a web page designer who works nights from his home in Upstate New York. Roger also happens to be a vampire. No, he doesn't sleep in a coffin. He rises at dusk from a double bed with Martha Stewart percale sheets from K-Mart. He has never tasted warm blood; it is delivered cold in clear plastic bags once a week by the same man who has served his family for generations.

But Roger wasn't happy with his life. He felt that because of his father, and his "weakness" for mortal women, that his rightful legacy had been stolen from him. He wished that he had been around in the days when vampires were strong and powerful. More than anything else he wished to find an everlasting love to share eternity with a mate whose pure vampire blood would offset the weakness in his. Then at least his children would not have to suffer the way he did.

Roger had loved his mortal mother, for she had given him life but he blamed his father for the terrible pain of having to watch her waste away and die.

One night while waiting on-line for a client (who failed to show up) Roger wanders into a role-playing chat room called "Transylvania." Normally he avoided chat rooms like the plague, but this one was different. Once he enters the room he switches to his vampire birth name Brakos, King of the Vampires. He later meets the elusive Firenza "Fyre" Queen of the Gypsies, the two of them are drawn together almost instantly and not long after they begin an online relationship. Can he tell her who and what he really is, or are they fated to remain online lovers?

Ms Bleser has penned an extremely well written novella. I would have liked the story to have been a bit longer, but that is how it is when you fall in love with the characters... you just hate to see the story end. If you are in the mood for a vampire story with a nice surprise ending, then I recommend you read, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

ParaNormal Romance Reviews Copyright April 2002
Reviewed by Charlene Smith

Reviewed by Charlene Smith
Posted April 18, 2002


Roger Wannamaker spends his nights brooding over his lost vampire heritage. When he wanders into a role-playing chat room, he can finally become the man he was always meant to be - Brakos, King of the Vampires. But when he meets the woman who would be his queen, can he tell her who he really is, or are they destined to remain online lovers only?


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by Linda Bleser

Treble Heart Books
April 1, 2002
ISBN #193174226X
EAN #9781931742269
100 pages
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