"Ian and Tee to find a way through the seemingly impossible complications to find a happy ending"

Ian Hamilton's upbringing had not prepared him to become the crown prince of the galaxy. His life took that strange turn after his mother married Rom B'kah, and his new stepfather became the Vash Nadah king. Rom unexpectedly named his stepson as his heir, although Ian has no Vash Nadah blood in him. The Vash Nadah nobility were predictably scandalized. Rom immediately puts Ian to work trying to find the source of discontent on the fringes of the galaxy, an area that includes Earth and its restless inhabitants, many of whom aren't particularly enthusiastic about being part of any galactic federation. Ian's job isn't easy and gets harder when his ship's pilot drinks himself to death on an out-of-the-way planet.

Tee'ah Dar is a high-ranking member of the Vash Nadah nobility, destined to marry well and settle into the constricted life dictated for women under its constraining social customs. She wants to be a pilot and see the galaxy, instead, so she "borrows" a star ship and runs away. When she finds herself stranded on an out-of-the-way world, her only hope for escape is to sign on to pilot a ship stranded when its pilot dies unexpectedly.

Ian and Tee'ah strike sparks off each other immediately. Tee suspects who Ian is, and his association with the world she's fleeing concerns her. Ian worries that his new pilot appears to have a drinking problem, which is the last thing he needs. With all their other problems, neither of them needs a romantic entanglement that can't go anywhere, but the more they learn about each other, the deeper their feelings for each other become.

THE STAR PRINCE is a wonderful futuristic romance with a well-paced plot, warm, engaging characters, and a number of nice little touches that make the futuristic background feel complete and credible. Throwaway details such as the rainbow-colored bubble-bots performing in a street-show evoke an exotic feel without being intrusive.

The characters are sympathetic and engaging. Ian, in particular, is a terrific hero, a man who is challenged to fill a position he never anticipated. He brings all his considerable intelligence, charisma, diplomacy, and daring to a role complicated by political entanglements, conflicting loyalties, language difficulties and family problems. You can't help but root for Ian and Tee to find a way through the seemingly impossible complications to find a happy ending. The resolution is both unexpected and very satisfying.

THE STAR PRINCE has a place on my "keeper" shelf.

Karen McCullough Copyright November 2001
for ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted April 14, 2002


Ian Hamilton considered himself a typical guy, a finance major who found all the excitement he needed in the stock market and his vintage Harley. Then his stepfather offered him the crown to an empire and the reins of a mission critical to world peace. What could he do but go for the ride?

In a daring bid for freedon, Princess Tee'ah fled the world she knew for the freedom to fly. No more princes, no more rules. Both the man she wed and the life she led would be of her own choosing. But when a handsome stranger offered her a job piloting the Sun Devil, she choose the romp of a lifetime -- with the one man she should have avoided at all costs.

From ocean-dark skies to the neon-drenched streets of L.A., Tee'ah and Ian find that true adventure is learning some rules are made to be broken...and some loves are written in the stars.

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The Star Prince
(Star: Book 2)
by Susan Grant

Love Spell
November 1, 2001
Available: November 1, 2001
ISBN #0505524570
EAN #9780505524577
400 pages
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