"A lot of action bun not enough characterization"

Besides werewolves and vampires the fairie (fey, sidhe or what have you) folk are my favorite creatures to read about. There is usually a sense of mirth and magic that surrounds them. This story is anything but light and frothy though. It's deadly serious and not in that heart wrenching emotional way that makes for a keeper.

Scahta is queen of a dying race of sidhe (fairy folk). Her people are slowly starving to death due to the constant raiding and invading "men". Most of the babies born to her race are dying. In order to save her people and create strong children to continue her race, Scahta decides that she must make one of the hardy "Men" her king. She has been watching the men and chooses one who exhibits signs of kindness. Anlon is the man she chooses.

Entranced by Scahta's loveliness and ethereal air, he quickly agrees to spend one year as her husband in exchange for an exquisite sword. Does he sweat and ponder over this decision? No. But hey, he's a guy :) What he doesn't anticipate is the series of "tests" he'll have to endure to prove his worth before he's crowned king and allowed to share Scahta's bed. Then comes lots of action in the way of a series of tests, a quest to purify a sword, and a trip back in time.

Scahta does her darndest to keep her emotional distance from Anlon but during the course of things they fall deeply in love. It happens rather abruptly and there is never any real courtship so, for me, it didn't work at all as a romance. The tone of the story is very dreary without any light touches of humor that would've made it more tolerable and where, oh where, was the magic? These sidhe folk were reduced to puny little weaklings; so highly disappointing. Also, I never felt emotionally connected to either character. If you're into a lot of action and don't mind it when an author skimps on characterization you might like this more than I did. It didn't work as romance for me and because I never grew to care about the characters it was far too easy to put this book down.

Laurie Shallah Copyright 2002
for ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted April 13, 2002


Sister Of The Moon
by Janeen O'Kerry

Leisure Books
December 1, 2001
ISBN #050552466X
320 pages
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