"Time traveling journalist finds love in 300 B.C."

Ashley a time traveling journalist is sent back in time to 300 B.C to interview Alexander the Great. She had chosen him to interview for several reasons. There had been so much said about the man, but there had been very little written about him. He'd been glorified, vilified, and his myth existed in all languages on the earth. So she was very curious to learn more about this man's charisma and leadership qualities, and find out just what made him so special.

Not to mention that Ashley had always held and nurtured a burning passion for this enigmatic king since high school! Alexander had been interviewed previously but the timing had been different. This had taken place just before his death, and by this time he had been delirious with fever. So out of 3,000 applicants she'd been chosen to go back in time for this interview.

Disguised as a Mesopotamian Priestess in the robes of a Vestal virgin, Ashley arrives in Mesopotamia, near Alexander's camp. She describes everything she sees in vivid detail along the way... from the pristine air and blue skies, to the freshly ploughed fields. As she reaches the encampment near the banks of the river, she sees unbleached tents set up in orderly rows on a level field. She had read once that Alexander had 40,000 men with him. Some men were taking care of weapons, while others were off in the shade playing what appeared to be dice. Guards surrounded the camp.

The biggest tent was set off to itself, sitting between two tall palm trees. This had to be Alexander's, so taking a deep breathe she headed for it.

Three guards sat outside the tent on mats made of woven grass, playing a game with bleached "knucklebones." So they barely glanced up when Ashley approached. She asked if she could speak to Alexander, she states her business and is announced. When she entered the tent, it took a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to the gloom, then she saw him sitting cross-legged on a beautiful rug, picking through a bowl of pale green grapes.

He invites her to sit down, and offers her food and wine of which she accepts both. He tells her a little about himself, his love/hate relationship with his mother Olympias, and before long it's midday and he has to go and check his troops. She stays until his return later that evening to continue the interview... she only has twenty- four hours in which to do it, then she must return. He tells her of his ambitions, dreams, his conquering of Persia, and ruling Greece, Egypt, and Macedonia.

She becomes completely mesmerized by this man. And before you know it, she has forgotten all about the interview. All she can think about now is how much she wants him to touch her, and hold her. Alexander is beside her in a flash, and soon they are making love [some interview]

At this point I am beginning to wish I had paid more attention in history class, and learned more about Alexander the Great [grin]

She then confesses to him that she has been in love with him since she first heard about him, for as long as she can remember. Alexander makes her a proposition, come with him and be his consort. Will Ashley stay with the only man she has ever loved?

After reading Time For Alexander, I can honestly say I have never read anything like it before. Sometimes you will come across a book that winds you up so tight, that you must come down before you can pick up another book...this was one of those books. There are only a few authors that have the ability to do this to me. As I got closer to the end, I didn't want it to be over, so you can image how thrilled I was when I found out at the very last page that it was only the first book out of I am invested in the saga to see it through to the end! I highly recommend you read "Time for Alexander" by Jennifer Macaire.

PNR Reviews Copyright March 2002
Reviewed by Charlene Smith

Reviewed by Charlene Smith
Posted April 13, 2002


Alexander the Great has just beaten Darius for the second time, and Ashley a time-traveling journalist is sent to interview him.


Time for Alexander
by Jennifer Macaire

Jacobyte Books
April 1, 2002
ISBN #1741000882
284 pages
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