"Enough suspense, danger and romance to keep the reader interested until the very end"

Dr. Alec Edwards is on his way to a hospital fund-raiser that he doesn't really wish to attend. He suspects that his boss, Dr. Walt Rushmore, is hoping to make a match between him and Walt's daughter, Andrea. Alec knows there is no way that will happen in this lifetime, but he still wants to avoid the awkward moments his refusal to go along with the Rushmore's plans would cause. However, he never would have wished salvation in the form of the accident, which happens in front of him.

As a doctor, he is duty bound to stop and act the Good Samaritan. The accident is a bad one. The drunk driver who caused the collision is dead. His unlucky victim in the car which was immediately in front of Alec's is still alive but sinking fast. Alec is bound and determined not to lose the woman if he can help it - - one less car and it could have been him lying trapped and bleeding.

As he examines the lovely young woman, she opens her eyes and says, "It's you . . .God, how I have missed you." Alec struck by the recognition in the woman's eyes and the strange warmth radiating up his arm where he touches her becomes more determined than ever to save the young woman, Danielle Morgan. Some how, some way, these two are connected, and he will not rest until he figures out how.

Catherine Snodgrass immediately pulls the reader into the mystery behind the instant recognition Dani Morgan has for Alec. Dani has died before -- several times -- and her lover has always failed her. While Alec saves her from dying as a result of the car accident, he has his job cut out for him in keeping her alive. It soon becomes apparent someone is out to kill Dani. Now, Alec has to fight cosmic predetermination and murderous, unknown third parties to keep the woman who is meant to be his from fulfilling their awful destiny.

This is a good read. The reincarnation aspects of the story are skillfully interwoven with the romantic suspense. I especially liked the credible way Ms. Snodgrass clued Alec and, later, Dani into their past lives together. Truly a seamless plot with believable characters and enough suspense, danger and romance to keep the reader interested until the very end.

PNR Reviews Copyright April 2002 Reviewed by Moni Draper

Reviewed by Moni Draper
Posted April 13, 2002


He has spent an eternity trying to protect and provide for the love of his life. Each time he has failed...miserably. Now fate has given them another chance. Will Alec Edwards and Dani Morgan learn from the mistakes of their past or repeat them all over again?


Another Chance, Another Time
by Catherine Snodgrass

October 1, 2002
ISBN #1553164865
EAN #9781553164869
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