"Attraction and respect of hero and heroine make enjoyable fantasy even better"

SHADOW IN STARLIGHT is a fantasy romance set in another time and another place. Moreya Fa Yune is a young intelligent woman, the daughter of one of the most respected ambassadors in the kingdom of Glacia. Unfortunately, her father has died, choked to death on a piece of meat under suspicious circumstances at King Cronel's own table. Immediately afterwards she finds that she is betrothed to the Crown Prince of another realm, an oddity since while she is an attractive young woman whose mother was a rare and highly prized Yune, a race known for their beauty and sexual attractiveness, Moreya isn't really a reasonable choice for a Crown Princess. Still the king insists, and so off Moreya goes to her betrothed, with Preese, her court appointed bodyguard in tow. Preese, also known as the "Royal Blade" or "Warmonger", is a mysterious man of a mysterious race called "Waniand", thought to be part-beast, who wears a cowled robe to hide his hideously deformed face.

Of course, nothing is as it seems, as is always the case when you have corrupt kings, wizards, and the occasional dragon making their appearance. Preese and Moreya get off to a rocky start, but the ambassador's daughter has a lot of her father's accepting nature in her and she makes peace with the tall reclusive man long before she makes love with him.

This is one book I can recommend without hesitation. SHADOW IN STARLIGHT was a totally delightful story with good story telling and high marks for interesting and diverse characters. The hero and heroine are strong individuals who come together in attraction and respect, a sometimes-rare aspect in books of this nature. I liked both of them and enjoyed their relationship with each other and with those around them.

PNR Reviews Copyright April 2002
Reviewed by Janet Miller

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted April 13, 2002


2002 PRISM AWARD Finalist:
2nd place - FANTASY

The shadow. A Waniand mercenary, cowled in black, dark and forbidding. Preece the Warmonger, also called the Royal Blade. Rumors about him suggest the creature beneath the black cowl is not entirely human.

Starlight. A woman of bright gentian tresses and rare beauty, promised in marriage to the prince regent of another realm. Given in wedlock not as a cherished prize but as a secret weapon meant to topple the reigning monarchy...Unless the Warmonger can find a way to prevent the marriage, even if it means risking both their lives in an act of outright treason. Even if it means losing Moreya herself, his memory, his very reason for living.

Yet Destiny has waited for just this turn in the wheel of time and human events. A prophecy must be fulfilled, the future of ancient bloodlines secured. Preece must return to reclaim all he once lost - including Moreya, the Yune beauty with the trusting innocence of a child and the courageous heart of a dragon.


Shadow in Starlight
by Shannah Biondine

February 1, 2002
ISBN #1553165284
EAN #9781553165286
226 pages
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