"Truly a fantasy that walks the dark side"

A dark fantasy, THE DEADWALK takes place somewhere else and in some other time. The king of Kanarek believes in a prophecy that will destroy his kingdom, so when his daughter is born with silver-colored hair like one of her Shraal ancestors, he hides her away with the captain of his guard, bidding the man to raise her to be a warrior capable of leading the revenge against his enemies.

Unfortunately, he is right. A neighboring kingdom with an over-ambitious prince discovers a Shraal artifact, "amber." When a shard of amber is driven through a corpse's eye into the brain, it turns the dead into a slave to the one who controls the amber core. Using an army of the dead, including the fallen of the enemy, Prince Rau quickly destroys Kanarek, thus unleashing its hidden princess, Riordan, and her companion, Nhaille. Together the pair must seek a crystal sword, another Shraal artifact and the only thing that can combat the amber.

A well-written book, THE DEADWALK is truly a fantasy that walks the dark side. The hero isn't the handsome evil prince, but instead a much older man, Riordan's guardian. Nhaille is an honorable man with great feelings for his princess, whose life has been driven by the prophecy. Princess Riordan is a wonderful character, a young woman who rises to the challenge of the situation, using her brains as well as her training to fight the evil around her. The evil Rau is just what is needed for a book like this. He has a wicked sense of humor, a dedication to his task, and is totally corrupt. Finally, there's one other character I'd like to complement the writer on, a foot- solder, Bevan, who dies early on to show us how the amber works. Fortunately, given the nature of the book, Bevan doesn't disappear from the scene and instead stays part of the tale, showing us that even though you're dead, you can still be a pivotal part of the story.

PNR Reviews Copyright April 2002
Reviewed by Janet Miller

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted April 13, 2002


All her life Riordan has rebelled against the idea she is the chosen one mentioned in Kanarek's ancient prophecy. As thirteenth heir to the throne she doesn't believe herself to be the savior foreseen long ago. But when Prince Rau of neighboring Hael conquers Kanarek with his army of the dead, she is forced to believe. The slivers of amber used to reanimate the dead are mentioned in the same prophecy. As one of the last remaining Kanarekii and the last of the royal line it falls to Riordan to save her family, her people and Kanarek.

Still harboring doubts about the ancient text, she sets off with her guardian, Nhaille to find the mythical Sword of Zal-Azaar, her only hope of stopping Rau's megalomaniac expansion through the coastal cities. The situation turns from bad to worse, when she is kidnapped by the very demon she is seeking to vanquish: Prince Rau, who has decided he wants both the Sword and the Princess.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

Note:A paperback version is scheduled for January 2003.


The Deadwalk
by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime

New Concepts Publishing
May 1, 2002
Available: May 31, 2002
ISBN #158608402X
EAN #9781586084028
160 pages
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