"On of my favorite list of fantasy romances"

Once he lived with the other gods in heaven until he was cast out due to his evil ways. Vowing revenge, he kills all but three of the dragons, stealing their horns, which enhances his already strong powers geometrically. He plans to finish slaying the remaining threesome and their immortal wives.

Rilana and her dragon-mate Rynak are chosen to fight the demon. They can change into human form and with their pure and strong love for one another, feel they can defeat their foe. However, he is uncanny with his tricks that test the dragon couples. If they fail life on earth will end.

THe Dragons's Horn is one of the most refreshing and mesmerizing fantasy romances this reviewer has ever read. The characters are so beguiling that they will find a place for themselves in the reader's heart while the story line is so action packed that readers will want to finish this book in one sitting. Glynnis Kincaid is a fresh and welcome new voice in fantasy romance and will one day be a superstar. Let's hope she a new book out soon!

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted April 10, 2002


In a world on the brink of war, to shelter a dragon is to court disaster. The Demon of Fire has vowed to destroy the noble creatures and use their magical horns in his bid to overthrow the Gods. But when the Immortal maiden Xlana finds a wounded dragon in the forest near her home, something about him tugs at her heart. Despite the danger, she uses her skills to heal him, only to learn he is far more than he seems. He is Rynak, Heaven's Dragon and an Immortal, able to assume human form. And he has been chosen by the Gods to lead the fight against the Demon.

When Rynak regains his strength, he gives his horn to Xlana as a pledge of his love. Overjoyed, she realizes they are soul mates, her destiny joined with his. Together, she and Rynak call the last two living dragons and their Immortal mates from hiding. The six form an alliance to combat the Demon's armies, but they suffer a shattering setback. The Demon seizes hostages, each dear to one of the three couples. Now they must decide whether to capitulate or condemn their loved ones to a lingering death. And if even one of them weakens, all may face utter ruin.

For the Six must stand as One-or lose the world.


The Dragon's Horn
(There be Dragon, Book 1)
by Glynnis Kincaid

Novel Books, Inc.
December 1, 2001
ISBN #1931696853
EAN #9781931696852
294 pages
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