"An Intriquing Historical Romance by the author of the fantasy/time travel NIGHT VISITOR"

Anticipation for the 5th Outlander novel had me salivating for a romance with a true Scots hero. I loved Melanie Jackson's fantasy/time travel romance NIGHT VISITOR and thought I'd try her latest historical AMARANTHA. I was not disappointed.

The story is set in the mid-eighteenth century as many of the best Scottish historicals are, however it is not actually set in Scotland. The plot however is driven by the aftermath of the rising of '45.

London life had palled for Amarantha Stanhope. The weather had turned poor, illness was pervasive, and her melancholy over her recent losses had not abated. It had been a mere two years since she'd lost both her parents and the man she'd hoped to spend her life with. Death had claimed Ian, but in truth she'd already lost him to 'the cause' long before. She been further aggravated by insincere suitors, more interested in her inheritance than in her heart. It only served to reinforce her conviction that man would always put other matters before love, if not money, then honor and duty. She had become determined never to marry, and so it is with some relief that she accepts the invitation of her uncle Cyril, to join him at his home on the remote Cornish moor.

Society is scare with their nearest neighbor being the village rector, Tamlane Adair. Though not particularly pious, she had looked forward to making his acquaintance. His is not at all what she had expected. He is young handsome, and his conversations are most exasperating. She both suspects and fears that the man is involved in the local dangerous pastime of smuggling. Not a very good example to his parish.

Amarantha both irritates Tamlane with her prying questions, and fascinates him with her beauty and spirit. He suspects early one that their fates are inextricably intertwined and reconciled himself to the inevitable.. If only he can keep her suspicions at bay until he concludes his unusual transaction, his life would be hers to shape.

Amarantha's sleuthing turns her suspicion from smuggling to a far more dangerous endeavor. Before his calling to the cloth and a life dedicated to peace, Tamlane had been a Jacobite warrior, an angry young man dedicated to the Stuart cause for the integrity of his people. He had put all this aside when he'd come home to Cornwall. Or had he? Had she lost her heart to another man who already served another mistress? All she knows is that she is willing to kill or to die to keep him safe. But marriage to a man who would put politics before her? That was too fearsome to contemplate.

While Tamlane is a dashing hero, it is Amarantha's journey of discovery that fuels this wonderful plot. She must put the hurts of the past behind her and really look into the heart of the man she has come to love, and she must find the courage within to risk her own. She is quite a unique individual, strong in her convictions, loyal, and daring. I highly recommend this suspenseful tale and look forward to Ms. Jackson's next heroine BELLE, and her historical romance by the same name which will be released in March 2002. I will definitely be digging into my TBR pile to unearth her previous historical novels, IONA and MANON.

September 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted April 1, 2002


O, I forbid ye maidens a', that wear gold in your


To come or go by Carterhaugh, for young Tamlane is


'Twas not Robert Burn's legendary elfin knight who greeted

Amarantha upon her arrival at her uncle's mansion, but the

dark and wild Tamlane Adair. The scotsman's movement

enthralled her, and the rumors of his nighttime rides across

Bodmin's more only heightened his air of mystery. His voice

was like silk sliding over her skin, clothing her in

blissful delirium. Listening to him, she could almost forget

the anguish that had driven her from London and the Jacobite

Rebellion which had cost her so much. In his eyes she could

see the dangers of the Cornish coast-- and in his arms, it's

wonderful promise.

There's none that goes by Carterhaugh, but maun leave him

a wad;

Either gold rings or green mantles... or else their


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by Melanie Jackson

Dorchester (Leisure Books)
August 1, 2001
Available: August 1, 2001
ISBN #0843949007
EAN #9780843949001
400 pages
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