"Great Collection of Spicy and Humorous Romance involving a Family of Brothers"

How very nice it is to have these three Winston brother novellas, originally released in individual themed anthologies, under one cover at last.

"Tangled Sheets" (originally released in the Berkley anthology, HOT CHOCOLATE - February 1999, ISBN: 0515124524) is Cole Winston's story.

Cole Winston had been in his last year of college when his parents died tragically, leaving him with the responsibility for his three much younger brothers. Cole had purchased a tavern to help with finances, giving his brothers a place to work as they grew older, and eventually putting them through college. Cole is now thirty- six. Mack, the youngest brother, is in his last year of college. At long last Cole is free to seek his own happiness, start a family of his own. He knows just the woman he wants to start it with too, Sophie Sheridan, a woman whose way with a cup of hot chocolate aroused every manly instinct he possessed.

In the interest of Cole's happiness, the four brothers concoct a scheme to get the two them together. Winston Tavern is sponsoring a Valentine's Day contest, setting themselves up a judges. All the lady contestants had to do was submit a photo of themselves to hang up on the bar. The winner would get her picture taken with all four brothers, and a date with the brother of their choice. Naturally Sophie would be the winner, since Cole had marked her for his own. Besides the three younger brothers are enjoying their freedom much too much to risk involvement. There is only one problem. Sophie refuses to enter!

Shy Sophie Sheridan has decided that she will not spend one more Valentine's Day as a virgin. She's had warm thoughts for Cole Winston for some time. Well who wouldn't? He's gorgeous, however one just didn't remain a bachelor into their mid-thirties unless they liked it that way, or so she thought. She'd been stopping by the bar after work each night for months and he'd always been attentive towards her, but then he treated all his customers that way. Sophie wanted him and she meant to have him, at least temporarily. The problem was that if things went badly, she'd have to sacrifice the small pleasure that her nightly routine offered. She declines Cole's suggestion to become a contestant, but suggests that her visiting twin might just love the attention.

When Cole meets Sophie's twin, Shelly, he is appalled by his attraction to her. She's definitely giving him the go ahead. He knows its Sophie he really wants, therefore his tangled emotions drive him crazy, but the game takes on a new twist when Sophie's coworker slips him a bit of useful information. Can Cole win the twin of his dreams? I can guarantee that the chocolate isn't the only thing that's hot in this sizzling romance.

"Tangled Dreams" (originally released in the 1999 P.E.A.R.L. award winning Berkley anthology, CHARMED - October 1999, ISBN: 0425171299) is the story of Chase Winston. The novella also won an individual P.E.A.R.L. Award 1999 PEARL AWARD for Best Short Story/Novella

Nine years Cole's junior, Chase is the next oldest, and quietest of the four Winston brothers. For that reason few were aware of his intensely passionate nature. He dated rarely, and was very selective about his women. Those he did choose were quite stunning and very, very experienced. Chase dated women who knew the score, weren't looking for a long term relationship, and who would be most likely to be receptive to his unique sexual needs. Most women would probably label his requirements kinky. He'd never, ever get involved with a sweet little innocent like his sister- in-law Sophie's best friend, Allison. She was strictly hands-off, that is until tonight when she'd come into the family bar and, for some inexplicable reason, he could hear her every thought. Erotic thoughts, starring him! At odds with his practiced control, he is more than a little turned on. And he doesn't like it.

Noticing his unusual interest in her this evening, Allison thinks twice about her decision, musing that Chase's brother Zane would have been an easier challenge. Chase doesn't much like his first ever twinge of jealousy either. Quiet Chase shocks both her and his brothers when he drags her back to the office behind the bar for an explanation.

Allison Barrow is at a loss for words. As much as she might have wished for it, Chase's undivided attention is a bit daunting. She hadn't been aware that Chase had been able to read her steamy imaginings. Rose and Burke had to be responsible. It was the ghosts that had set her on this course in the first place. Maybe she should have settled for Jack, who'd wanted her but left her cold.

When she'd inherited her house from a maiden aunt, she hadn't minded sharing it with the ghosts. In fact she'd felt sorry for them. They had had a passionate marriage. When Burke had succumbed to the measles, and Rose realized she would soon follow, she'd hidden the jewels he'd given her to symbolize their passion, hoping that some future relation would share the same passion with a man they loved. Once the jewels were safely in the appropriate hands, they would be able to seek their eternal rest. No one suitable had lived in the house since then, but Rose and Burke had high hopes for Allison. She'd had other options but she wanted Chase, who largely ignored her. She'd seen the hidden fire in his eyes that so many missed, and knew that he'd be more than able to light hers. Break out the potholders, because she is right! Are ghosts ever wrong?

"Tangled Images" (originally released in the Berkley anthology, SINFUL -- February 2000, ISBN: 0515127256) is the youngest Winston brother Mack's story.

Mack Winston knew something was up by the calculating gleam in his two sisters-in-laws' eyes, and the amusement on his brothers' faces. He just knew he wasn't going to like it. Mack hadn't liked too much about his life lately. The happy- go-lucky, youngest brother had loved teaching. He felt he was doing something worthwhile working with the intercity kids who needed his drive and enthusiasm most. But his superiors hadn't loved his innovative methods and hadn't offered him a permanent position. He was trying not to dwell on it, but it looked like his family had cooked up another scheme to cheer him up.

Sophie has decided to add a line of men's lingerie to her boutique and has arranged for a photographer to shoot a catalogue for them. The only problem is she needs a model, one that has the proper attributes to sell the line. Naturally the married Winston brothers are out of the question, and Zane is conveniently going to be out of town.

On his arrival at the photography studio Zack isn't sure which surprises him most the skimpy merchandise he's supposed to model or the woman that he is supposed to model them for. She's not quite thrilled to see him. That does not surprise him. Jessica Wells was the woman who got away, the only one who had ever interested him in a forever kind of way, but she'd done her level best to ignore him.

They'd shared a class. She'd been the studious older student intent on getting her life back on track. He'd been fun loving and constantly surrounded by adoring women. She knew his type. She'd fallen in love with just such a man when she was a teen. They'd married and for a while it had been fun, but when their daughter came along, he had partied on, leaving his responsibilities and family behind. She'd had to pick up the pieces. Oh, she'd been attracted to Mack like all the others, but at least she knew better than to get involved.

The attraction is still there, and rather than being put off by her teenaged daughter, Mack adores her. He doesn't look too shabby in Sophie's merchandise either. Had she misjudged him? Could a man be fun loving and responsible as well?

Zane's story is entitled WILD as single title from Jove Books (Jan. 2002). Look for the PNR Reviews.

Spicy and humorous, The Winston Brother's collection is typical of Lori Foster's style. Enjoy!

Copyright 2002

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted March 26, 2002


Together at last - the romance sensations who've captured readers' hearts!

Lori Foster enchanted legions of romance readers with her deliciously steamy novellas featuring the sinfully sexy Winston brothers. Now these tantalizing tales -- first published in the anthologies HOT CHOCOLATE, CHARMED, and SINFUL -- are available for the first time in one volume. So sink in -- and enjoy!

Mack, Cole, Zane, and Chase. These devastatingly handsome brothers are proud and passionate, tough-minded and tenderhearted. Left alone in the world after their parents' deaths, they learned to depend on each other -- and to cherish the bond of blood and brotherhood that held them together. Now, with their heart-melting charm and smoldering smiles, they will inspire your wildest, most sensuous fantasies -- and will surely become the men of your dreams!


The Winston Brothers
by Lori Foster

Jove Pubns
December 1, 2001
ISBN #0515131733
EAN #9780515131734
304 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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