"Hallie is in danger. Will helping cost Chance his life or free them to love?"

Hallie Royer, divorced mother of 7-year old twins, learned at her stepfather's funeral that there was more to his death than officially reported. Because she doesn't know whom she can trust, she is cautious when she opens the hidden box holding information of his investigation. To her horror, she finds her ex-husband is among those her stepfather was investigating and she must flee to save herself and her daughters. Because her escape from Arizona did not leave time for planning, she is now stranded in a snowstorm with little money or hope. Perhaps it was fate that Hallie's truck broke down in Nevada near the Last Chance Café.

Chance Qualtrough is a descendant of the original settlers of Primrose Creek. He kindly offers use of his aunt's house for lodging to the bedraggled trio and Last Chance Café owner, Madge, offers Hallie a temporary waitress job. She needs a short rest and time to organize and plan; so she accepts their aide. That the townsfolk opened their hearts and homes to them is both a blessing and a curse, as Hallie does not want to endanger anyone else and knows she must leave quickly if necessary.

Chance recognizes that Hallie is in trouble and wants to help, but first he has to have her trust. So when she leaves unexpectedly, he follows and insists on bringing her back to his ranch and helping her. Will this cost him his life or free the love of his life to come to him?

LLM's skill at developing down-to-earth characters gives small town Primrose Creek a safe, homespun feel that readers can appreciate. Interwoven with that is the intensity of foreboding that contrasts with the peacefulness of this small town. You can understand why Hallie wishes to avoid bringing danger to these people but you are not surprised when the townsfolk show their strength and join forces to protect her and her children as one of their own.

Chase and Hallie develop a heartwarming relationship that is a pleasure to share as they work together to assure the truth is known and those they love are safe. They make believable choices in the face of the danger present. Ms. Miller keeps the suspense going until the end and even after the danger is past, Chase and Hallie must work on their relationship and trust.

Although most of the books I have read by LLM are historical, she has done well in this trip from the past to the present day at Primrose Creek. If you wish to read more of the settling of Primrose Creek, THE WOMEN OF PRIMROSE CREEK tells the story of four sisters rebuilding their life after the US Civil war.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted March 25, 2002


The Last Chance Café
by Linda Lael Miller

Pocket Books
April 1, 2002
ISBN #0671042505
288 pages
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