"Nathan rescues Nidaba his love from the past. Can he protect her?"

DESTINY is the third book in Ms. Shayne's series of immortal High Witches. It is also an excellent stand-alone book. Having not yet read ETERNITY and INIFNITY, the other two books in this series, I was concerned that I might miss vital parts that were revealed in the other books. I was pleased to find that this was not the case at all. I will be reading the other two books based solely on my enjoyment of this book.

Nathan Ian King has made a life for himself as a mortal and he is happy. He rarely thinks of his life 4000 years in the past. He is no longer the great King Eannatu. He is now a collector and dealer in antiquities. He shares his life with his two trusted employees. The lovable George and Sheila who make you want to take them in as your own. He is content until an article in the newspaper catches his eye. Even though he knows it is not possible, he has to find out if the woman in the picture is his beloved Nidaba. He finds himself on a quest to find the truth. After ascertaining that it is indeed his Nidaba he enlists the help of George and Sheila to rescue her. He knows that if he does not move quickly she will be in danger from those who hunt her. Not realizing just how close the enemy was, he takes her home vowing to bring her back to him and protect her at any cost.

I found the story line to be gripping and easy to follow. Ms Shayne's integration of memories of the past her charters shared with their present is flawless. I had no trouble at all keeping track of the nuances in the past that so greatly affected the future of both Nathan and Nidaba. An excellent read I was unable to put it down.

Cheryl Barr © Copyright January 2002

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted March 24, 2002


2002 RITA Finalist

Return to the rich, sensual, and bewitching world that Maggie Shayne created in the bestselling Eternity and Infinity...

She is Nidaba--an immortal High Witch so ancient, so legendary, that for thousands of years she has been the ultimate prize, relentlessly pursued by Dark Witches. She has eluded all who would kill her...until a mother's grief makes her reckless and she is captured by a madman. After endless physical and mental torment, she escapes, but her captivity has damaged her spirt as well as her body. And though the wounds to her body have healed, the scars on her mind and soul remain...

After more than four thousand years, her destiny has finally found her...

Nathan King now has the peace he craved in the life he created for himself--until he sees her again. Can it really be Nidaba--the love he thought lost to him some many centuries ago? But the woman he finds is not the fierce, proud girl of his cherished memories--now her eyes are haunted by a pain so deep, and a hatred so bitter it divides them still. But if he is to understand the source of her anguish and reclaim the passion that was once theirs, he must face the truth that the evil that tore them apart once again stands between them and their chance at forever...

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(Immortal Witches: Book 3)
by Maggie Shayne

February 1, 2001
Available: March 31, 2008
ISBN #0515130133
EAN #9780515130133
336 pages
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