"A Suspensful paranormal with a little bit of shiver!"

What prompts folks to read romance novels? Relaxation? An opportunity to escape a work weary world for a few blissful hours? Some, content in their relationships, may cast their beloved in the role of the romantic lead, others might indulge in wishful thinking.

Wishful thinking, that's just what got Carol Raper into trouble. Carol had so very lonely since her divorce. Her childhood sweetheart, her husband, and father of her two little girls had left her for a younger woman. Though she had initiated the divorce, she still loved Tom. Loneliness is the reason Carol, a lover of horror novels, finds herself soaking in the tub with "Justine's Promise" her first foray into romance reading.

Carol is drawn to the dark and seductive hero, Jacque Master, so much so that she dreams about him day and night. She realizes things have gotten out of hand when she begins to hear a man's voice in her head. If that's not bad enough someone seems to be prowling around the vacant house across the street.

Upon investigation, Carol discovers her new neighbor, Jack Kingman. There is something oddly familiar about him. He is dark, muscular, sensual, and compelling. She is drawn to him at once and he makes no disguise of his interest in her. Ever responsible, Carol realizes that a relationship cannot develop so quickly, and there is something about Jack that does not ring true. Yet the fantasies continue to plague her, even disrupting her at work.

Her best friend Elaine is worried about her and involves their foreman, Bart Knight. Bart has been attracted to Carol from her first day on the job. He had felt a unique connection, which he knows she had felt as well. However, out of respect for her marriage, he had immediately suppressed his feelings.

Bart is a sensitive, a man with psychic ability. He is so in tune to Carol that he had shared her suffering through her entire ordeal with Tom. He had hoped that he and Carol would finally have a chance for happiness, once her divorce became final. But Carol, caught up in the mystique of Jack, hasn't given him the time of day. Still Bart has a sense of evil approaching, and knows that Carol is in the center of it. He is even more certain about meeting Jack who he notes has a dark aura of evil surrounding him.

Jack is determined to stay in this time, and Carol is the key to keeping him here. He will brook no interference. He has taken care of "the other" man in Carol's heart and he will take care of Bart as well.

Carol becomes involved with the police when her ex, Tom, mysteriously disappears while watching their children. Foul play is suspect with Carol as the chief suspect. Carol however suspects Jack, and turns to Bart for help. It is then that she realizes who it is that really belongs in her dreams. Bart has been able to read Carol's mind. He had tuned into her fantasy, and has connected it with Jack. Carol is the first person he has trusted enough to share the knowledge of his psychic gift. Will she accept him or turn away in fear?

The reality of where Jack has come from, and where Tom has been sent, is the stuff of nightmares. When does a fanstasy become too real? Now the only thing that will right their world is the strength of Carol's faith and love in the man she has thought of as merely a friend for so many years. Will they find a way to send Jack back and bring Tom home? What can they do to make sure Jack will never become another woman's fantasy nightmare?

This book was different. Ms. Miller pens a intriguing romance with a little bit of shiver, a combination of romance and light horror (no blood and gore) that is perfect for this time of year.

October 2000
Copyright 2000

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted March 21, 2002


Wishful Thinking
by Christine DeLong Miller

Atlantic Bridge Publishing
July 1, 2000
ISBN #0970093047
EAN #9780970093042
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