"A Fast-paced Time Travel with Charming Characters"

The find in the London manor house excites Sharon Reynolds, Curator of the Historical Costume and Fabric Collection of a Chicago museum. In one of the Elizabethan dresses, she finds a hidden parchment that claims proof existed that Henry had a legitimate son who should have been on the throne instead of Elizabeth. Before she can understand what she has, Sharon falls through a door and finds an aristocratic woman wearing sixteenth century garbs yelling at her. Somehow, Sharon has become a seamstress for Queen Elizabeth I. Sharon becomes confused and almost is trampled by a horse. Elizabeth's half brother Richard Granville saves her life. As Richard and Sharon begin to fall in love, she must adjust to the regal intrigue of 1570, including a Spanish-Catholic alliance that plans to place Richard on the throne in spite of his loyalty to the current monarch.

THE QUEEN'S MAN is a fast-paced time travel romance starring two charming charcaters. Although fans must accept on faith the movement through time and Sharon's relatively easy adjustment, readers will fully enjoy the tale. The story line brings to life the court of Queen Elizabeth I through the eyes of the time traveler. Fans of the sub- genre will gain pleasure from this warm tale filled with historical tidbits, a wonderful cast, and an interesting era lively painted by Terri Brisbin.

Harriet Klausner / September 2000
Copyright © 2000

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted March 20, 2002


Present Day, England.

Textiles expert Sharon Reynolds is examining a treasure trove of Elizabethan clothing when she discovers a bit of parchment containing an astounding piece of information. But before Sharon has a chance to share the find with her colleagues, she stumbles through a hidden door to another time...

Sixteenth Century, England.

Richard Granville, master of Queen Elizabeth's stables, is acknowledged only as the queen's half-brother—Henry VIII's illegitimate son. A dramatic first meeting sparks an attraction between Sharon and Richard, who recognizes a kindred spirit in this strange woman who seems to have appeared out of thin air. But only after they fall in love does Sharon realize that Richard is the heir described on the parchment—and that he, not Elizabeth—is England's rightful ruler. Now Sharon must make a choice, aware that her actions will determine the fate of man and his country....


The Queen's Man
by Terri Brisbin

Jove (Time Passages)
September 1, 2000
ISBN #0515129062
EAN #9780515129069
306 pages
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