"More than Fairly Hilarious, Viking Warrior Princess heals heart of Saxon Physician"

Sandra Hill never fails to make me laugh, and for that alone I would recommend this book. That and her sinfully handsome, confident to the point of arrogance, often tortured, heroes who in spite of their unquestionable talents er between the bed furs, always seem to find themselves living out scenes from "Taming of the Shrew" when it comes to winning over their soul mate. I love the way she lets the reader in on their randy thoughts as they spew something completely different to their beloved!

Ms. Hill turned this tale upside down using role reversal for this addition to her loosely connected historical Viking series. The heroine is Tyra, a Viking warrior princess, who will stop at nothing to bring a famed Saxon healer to her father's side in the frozen north, to save his life and free herself of the obligation to marry. Absolutely nothing, for when her healer of choice, Adam, refuses her invitation, she whacks him over the head, throws him over her shoulder and carries him off. Lest you think that Adam is weak, think again.

Adam had shown his grit at an early age. At seven the orphaned lad had taken sole responsibility for his four-year-old sister, Adela. He'd sworn to himself that he would always keep her safe and well. Fortune had smiled on them both, when a Viking couple had witnessed him stealing bread to feed her. Soft-hearted Rain, a physician who claimed to come from the future, and her husband Selik (THE OUTLAW VIKING), had adopted the pair. Rain had won Adam's heart that day and he'd pledged to become a healer just like her.

He had kept his promise and had been away studying eastern healing methods when a letter arrived from his parents, telling of a terrible illness sweeping his homeland. He'd arrived there too late. His parents were gone, and his sister, barely alive, was already beyond his care. He could only watch helplessly as she too is taken from him. Having failed in his first vow, he forsakes his second as well, determined to ply the healing arts no more. After two years his best friend and servant despairs for him. He proposes that forming a harem should be just what the doctor ordered. Adam however never wants to feel the pain of caring for anyone ever again.

Enter Princess Tyra, a Viking with a mission. Her father is gravely ill from a severe blow to the head. It is vital that he should live for he, has decreed that her four lovely and accomplished sisters could not marry until his first born, Tyra, should wed. Tyra wants none of it, for she is a warrior. Her father must recover so that she can renounce her heritage and insure her sisters' happiness. She had been told by Adam's adopted uncle, Tykir (THE BEWITCHED VIKING), that this Saxon doctor was the best to be had. When Adam stubbornly refuses to even consider her request, Tyra won't take no for an answer!

Thoroughly captured, it isn't long before Adam finds Tyra's strange mixture of strength and innocence appealing. Her much sought after sisters pall in comparison to her in his opinion. He bedevils her with his randy promises and suggestions. If Adam didn't have enough idea's of his own, things really heat up when Adam's relatives drop in to check up on him. Teamed up with Tyra's scheming sisters, chaos ensues in short order. Even Tyra's father gets in on the act! If their mechanizations aren't hysterical enough, Bolthor the world's worst skald has made a reappearance, and Tyra, determined to follow through with her original goals in spite of her confusing feelings for the healer who makes her feel more like a woman than a warrior, gets herself into unbelievable hot water. Suffice it to say that the situation she gets into is truly hilarious.

As always a tale that emerges is funny, sexy, poignant, and sweet. Tyra gives Adam back his life, restoring his love for his vocation and the caring heart that made always made him special. In Tyra Adam, finds a diamond in the rough, a woman who hides her loving nature beneath a tough exterior for fear of rejection. He alone sees through her shell to uncover the desirable woman beneath. Excellent as always, I can't wait for the next installment.

Copyright 2002

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted March 18, 2002


Holy Thor! Well, whack him over the head with her broadsword, and carry him off over her shoulder, of course.

Tyra, Norse soldier.

Adam, medieval physician.

Let the laughter begin!


My Fair Viking
(Viking Series I: Hist. Book 6)
by Sandra Hill

Leisure Books
April 1, 2002
Available: April 1, 2002
ISBN #0843949848
EAN #9780843949841
400 pages
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