"The captain finds he has more than a transporter problem when Jessie comes aboard"

Although there has been a transporter accident, the Praetorium are in the vicinity and want to capture the Alliance Starship Freedom. To escape, the captain orders the ship into hyperdrive.

Jessie Wyndom had a normal life in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. She has her Ms. Fix-It business and the family farm even if her lifestyle did seem strange to the rest of her family. So, if this isn't one of her brother's jokes, what was she doing zapped onto a space ship -- and what do you mean there's a war going on so she can't go home yet?

Captain Marcus Viator's life is just the way he likes it. Serenian culture values calm, logic and tradition. Their Elders are trusted to decide careers and select mates although Marcus has kept his family secret even from them. So what was he going to do with this volatile Terran and the feelings he has developed for her?

This book was a joy to read. There are many unusual turns and surprises in this humorous and action packed story. Jessie and Marcus find they have more than they thought in common. Jessie is a strong, independent woman who shows Marcus there are successful choices in life that challenge tradition. Star Trek fans will recognize and enjoy some references slipped into the story and futuristic fans have another for the keeper shelf. The story ends with possibility for continuing adventures that I hope will be written soon.

Cy Korte Copyright 2002

Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted March 17, 2002


by Diane Burton

August 19, 2001
ISBN #189389651X
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