"everything he loved and held dear was threatened by something he could not explain"

Baris lowered himself to the boulder in the meadow and stared out over the vast expanse of grass and flowers. It was a scene he had longed to be a part of and had been until now. He had everything that he could ever dream of, Anika his wife whom he loved with all of his heart, and their two-year-old son Thale.

Falling in love with Anika had been a bonus, for he had never expected anything more than a business relationship, he never expected to find love in the true meaning of the word at all. Four years earlier, Rhiannon one of Anika's clan, and the Vectors had formed a relationship. Her clan was witches and "Bleeders" -- their bodies produced abnormally high levels of iron that could prove fatal if it was not bleed off. Use of Wiccan magic increased the already high content of iron in their blood making the need to be bled even stronger. The Vectors needed blood, which made it an equitable situation for both parties.

When Baris first approached Anika it was to satisfy his needs, but Anika had other plans. Whenever she needed to be bled, she had sought out Baris over all the other Vectors slowly chipping away at his heart. He had witnessed the deep love and devotion between Jaeger, another Vector and Rhiannon and this was something he wanted for himself. So it was a monumental day when he realized that he was in love with Anika. The last four years had been filled with happiness and contentment ... until now. Now everything he loved and held dear was threatened by something he could not explain, and didn't want to accept.

From the Heart is the sequel to A GIFT OF BLOOD. I waited a long time for this story and was not disappointed. JennaKay manages to spin a tale of Fantasy, Magic and Romance that grabs you and holds you from the very first page. This is another book for my ever increasing "Keeper Shelf" Although this story stands alone, to familiarize your self with the Vectors and the Bleeders, I would still recommend reading A GIFT OF BLOOD first. Both books are excellent!

Charlene Smith Copyright February 2002
For ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Charlene Smith
Posted March 17, 2002


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Baris had everything... a wife he worshipped, a child he adored, a life of comfort and security. But it changes suddenly and dramatically, with no explanation. Anika, his wife, shuns him and orders him to leave her side. His child claims that his mama is not really his mama. And Dierdre, a devastatingly beautiful young woman slides into Baris' life, seduction on her mind.

When Baris attempts to take his wife to the Lair to be healed, she flees, leaving him alone with his child and Dierdre. To add to his agony, the child is bitten by a poisonous snake and Baris takes him to the Lair to save his life. Once reunited with Dierdre, the pair set off in search of Anika. But as the days turn to weeks with no sign of his wife, Baris must accept that possibility that she does not wish to be found.

As his life grows increasingly entangled with Dierdre, he makes the mistake of feeding on a young man who is addicted to a powerful drug called Hack. Baris is soon addicted as well, and now must struggle to reclaim everything that he once held dear. Or die.

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From The Heart
(Blood Bred: Book 2)
by JennaKay Francis

Amber Quill Press
December 1, 2002
ISBN #1592799728
EAN #9781592799725
107 pages
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