"Both the jungle and their growing attraction are dangerous but irresistibly attractive!"

HOLD ONTO THE NIGHT is an action-adventure tale with enough romance to keep a reader smiling. I highly recommend this book for those who enjoy a realistic feel to their paranormal stories.

Geologist Kathleen Dawson travels to South American jungles of Costa Sierra to find oil. She is hoping to prove her worth to her father, owner of Dalco Oil. The guide and natives who are traveling with her are very nervous. She has heard them whispering about the Jaguar Man who protects this area of the jungle - a shape-shifter who rules the jungle both as a man and as a beast.

Kathleen awakens from a drugged sleep to find herself in a cave with a mysterious man called Guerriro. He tells her that he is responsible for the Jaquar Man myth and warns her to flee. Kathleen refuses and finds herself back in camp with workers who are even more nervous. The next morning they are gone and she finds herself alone in a rain storm that soon becomes a flood. She is saved by a black jaguar and finds herself once again in Guerriro's cave.

As he is stuck with her until the rains end, Guerriro introduces her to the Amazon villagers and the lifestyle he is protecting. Kathleen's life and values are changed forever in those short months. The psychic connection between Katherine and Guerriro adds to their romance and eventually she finds that the Jaguar Man is not a myth. Guerriro was cursed by a shaman to be himself at night and jaguar by day. Although he falls in love with her, he refuses to allow her to live his cursed life. Is Kathleen is strong enough to risk becoming a were-jaguar herself in order to stay with the man she loves?

This paranormal adventure provides an intriguing view of the rain forest and its endangered people shown through the eyes of someone who respects them. Presented as part of the story, it is not preachy, but an essential part of the plot to be enjoyed. That the superstition of the Jaguar Man proves to truly be a magical being feeds into the untamed jungle feel the author presents so well.

Both the jungle and their growing attraction are dangerous but irresistibly attractive. I could feel this, too through the excellent word-imagery that Ms. Michaels presented. The personal areas of growth for both characters was as well done as their developing romance. You will want to encourage them yourself as you continue with the story. I truly enjoyed the ending and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted March 17, 2002


Dr. Kathleen Dawson is a geologist heading an advance team for a large oil company. She is investigating rumors of a large oil deposit in the rain forest of the interior of Costa Sierra in Central America. Being independent, she's feisty and demanding of herself. She has worked hard to get where she is in her profession. Her world revolves around her job.

In the jungle at dusk she is stalked. She awakens from a dart-induced sleep in a fog, unsure of where she is except that she is in a cave. A man stirs in the shadows and moves forward. Through the haze she meets the man the Indians of the jungle refer to as the Jaguar Man. The legend says he's a man at night, a jaguar during the day. He rules the jungle, protecting his domain against the outside world.


Hold Onto The Night
by Shauna Michaels

Imajinn Books
July 1, 2000
Available: November 8, 2006
ISBN #1893896110
EAN #9781893896116
192 pages
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