"When Anna and Ian search for a killer, they also find love"

He is from a race of people who secretly live among humans. Best known as the Chameleon, he hides his identity using his powers and he feeds his powers by absorbing the life force of others. Some, like the council and his self- righteous enemy, the Hawk, would call him a psychic vampire.

Anna Stanfield has blocked her psychic abilities since a disaster when she was young. Currently as a college professor, she teaches that there are other explanations for ESP. Her disagreement over this with her sister had caused them to lead separate lives. Now her sister is in an unexplained coma and a strange investigator is asking her to use her powers to find her sister's attacker. How can she believe that her sister's condition is because of an encounter with a so-called psychic vampire? Is this FBI Agent here to help her or use her for his own purposes? Who can she trust -- the Chameleon can be almost anyone. Even more worrisome are her dreams. She is next on this killer's list!

FBI agent Ian McGregory has tracked the Chameleon for years. Since his father's death, Ian, also known as the Hawk, has been THE PROTECTOR for their people. He will continue to do his duty even if he has to use Anna to stop the Chameleon's rampage. He stopped feeling hundreds of years before, but Anna's struggle to save her sister and use her previously denied powers stirs compassion and... could it be love?

Anna and Ian find themselves working together but because of the intense situation, ignore their growing attraction. When the Chameleon forces them to make life-and-death decisions, this attraction is recognized as finally grown into love and both choose what they can do to protect the other from the Chameleon.

I had difficulty placing the book aside because I cared what happened to Ian and Anna and needed to continue reading. I compliment Ms. Michaels on a well-written story, as I did not figure the identity of the Chameleon until near the same time as Ian and Anna. Good wins over evil, of course and they are left facing their hereditary differences to find a way to have a life together. You will not want to leave Anna and Ian even at the end of their adventure.

This is an excellent romantic suspense story with a healthy dose of psychic powers added to the plot. Their powers do not overwhelm but blend to add spice to the story and make the excitement and suspense even better. Even knowing they will succeed; the story did not lose its intensity and the pleasure upon conclusion. Although there is an element of violence and horror, it is done in good taste and will not offend most readers. Traditional suspense readers will enjoy this fast-paced contemporary story and I highly recommend it to non-traditional vampire readers.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted March 17, 2002


Anna Stanfield has denied her strong psychic abilities for years until her younger sister is found in a coma, a victim of a psychic vampire. Anna is drawn into the investigation by Ian McGregory, an FBI agent who is more than he seems.


Dream Snatcher
by Shauna Michaels

Imajinn Books
April 1, 2002
ISBN #1893896765
EAN #9781893896765
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