"Illuminating! Aurora Borealis lights the way to Love for one lost soul"

NIGHT SECRETS had me so intrigued from page one, that it was all I could do to resist peaking at the ending. As it was, I could hardly put the book down until I'd reached the stunning conclusion. Ms. Perkin paints a tale as brilliant as the Northern Lights which serve as the story's paranormal device.

Jack Wilder emerged from the lake in anguish, wondering if he would ever stop paying for his sins. The 32 year old jack of all wilderness trades was a lost spirit, dwelling between life and limbo at the whim of a phenomenon known as the Northern Lights. Only one man had he trusted with his secret. Arthur had spent most of his life searching for a way to end Jack's torment, while providing him sanctuary each time he resurfaced.

Valerie Scott, an elementary teacher from Chicago, had been saddened by the news of the death of her great uncle Arthur, who she remembered fondly from her childhood vacations to Aurora Lodge in Northern Ontario. Her inheritance of said lodge, however, had come at an very opportune time. Valerie had needed a haven, a place to regroup and recover, after a terrifying brush with violence at the hands of her ex-fiancé. As a child, she and her mother had come here every summer, for a respite from her domineering father. Aurora Lodge was the one place she had always felt safe and loved, a place far away from the latest such man in her life. The last thing she expected, upon her arrival that night, was to literally trip over the body of another man, half submerged in the lake - a very naked, muddy, injured, and unconscious man. Who was he? Why was he here? Was he a threat? Was he even alive? Recent events had Valerie jumping at her own shadow, but her conscience decreed that she find help for this man immediately.

The man returns to consciousness in the back of Valerie's car which is bound for the nearest hospital. He insists on being taken back to the lodge, but won't reveal more than the most basic information about himself. He is Jack Wilder, a man whose name Valerie had heard for the first time earlier that day. Arthur had left Aurora lodge jointly to her and this man, Jack Wilder.

Valerie's first impulse is to ask Jack to leave for her own peace of mind. She plans on selling the lodge, but Jack pleads vehemently with her to keep it, stubbornly refusing to give his reasons. His only friend is gone, and he does seems a bit lost. When she suggests that he run the lodge himself, he will only say that he cannot. The man is a mystery, but her instincts, and recovering sense of self confidence, tell her that he is a good, kind, and gentle man, a man she definitely wants to know better. Arthur had trusted him, but what about the strange coincidence linking Jack's name to a tragedy in the distant past, and why does he keep disappearing without warning? Should she trust her own judgment, or ignore her growing attraction to him?

For the first time since his torment began, Jack is intrigued by another woman, but he knows that a lasting relationship with Valerie would be impossible. Would she even believe him if were to trust her with his secret? Even now, his sudden disappearances were making her begin to doubt him. A murderer is on the loose, and even worse, Valerie's fiancé is determined to win her back. Would Jack be able to protect her, or was he doomed to watch history repeat itself? Would he be there when Valerie needed him most, or would the imminent Northern Lights whisk him back to limbo once more?

NIGHT SECRETS is, in a word, fascinating. It is an intriguing blend of ghost story, time travel, mystery, legend, and scientific phenomenon, that is sure to capture the attention of paranormal romance readers looking for something special and unique. The characterizations are incredible. The tale is a journey of self discovery for both hero and heroine. While each must wrestle their own demons, it is abundantly clear that their love for each other is the necessary catalyst which triggers their journey - love which could be their curse or their salvation.

As the pair wrestles with Jack's fate, Valerie breaks free of her past and emerges as an independent woman of strong convictions. When fear threatens to swamp her, she reaches inside herself for strength, rather than leaning on Jack. She is determined break the cycle of male domination in her life, and become self reliant. Bravo! Jack faces an internal struggle as well. He too must come to grips with his past and follow his instincts in order to end his nightmare. Together they are one formidable duo. Highly recommended.

Copyright © 2002

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted March 16, 2002


The first time Jack Wilder awoke, brilliant red flashed across the night sky. The second time he found himself staring into compassionate brown eyes. And he cursed his luck. In glowing shades of green and yellow, the Northern Lights had once again transported him to Lake Aurora and the site of a tragedy that he yearned to forget.

When Valerie Scott rescued him from the beach, her beauty stole his breath, her gentle touch set his pulse racing...and the fear that occasionally flickered in her eyes reminded him of another woman and another era. He longed to confide his secrets, to garner her faith, to win her heart--and he vowed to protect her at all costs. Had fate saved him or damned him? Jack realized the answer lay not in the stars, but in trusting his soul, for in Valerie's arms he discovered the one thing that could deliver him from the past, a force more powerful than the pulsing lights that controlled his destiny: love.


Night Secrets
by Norah-Jean Perkin

Love Spell
March 1, 2002
Available: November 5, 2006
ISBN #0505524732
EAN #9780505524737
320 pages
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