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Essex City, New York Homicide Detectives Simon Goldtree and Frank Garrowey investigate the brutal murder of insurance executive Martin Stanstead when they find a tenuous link to local crime boss Alvin Landowski. However, the case abruptly ends when a smalltime punk confesses to killing Stanstead. Still, Simon's ability to empathetically determine the truth from lies tells him that this is a clever cover up.

Not taking any chances that the media darling Simon and his old fashioned grind them out investigative partner continue with the inquiries, Landowski uncovers damaging information about the former. Landowski places Simon under a media microscope as he reveals that the squeaky clean Simon is a transsexual thinking of undergoing a sex change operation. Though he knows his career is over, Simon refuses to allow public and departmental pressure from stopping him from completing his investigation into the truth.

Though the unexpected is the norm from Rachel Pollack, the classic police procedural takes quite a surprising twist even for this daring author in A SECRET WOMAN. Fans of the investigative tale need to understand that one-third to a half of the story line involves the subplot focusing on Simon's "secret" moral dilemma. Though fascinating and ultimately tying back to the prime case, the mystery feels like a stepchild to this deep arc. Though not for the purists. this extremely complex and powerful novel containing a believable cast is a deep character study.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted March 14, 2002


Chicago private eye Mal Foley was a lawyer once. Then he disobeyed a court order requiring him to reveal a client's role in a shootout that left three people dead, one of them a cop, and his law license was revoked. Now years removed from that fateful day, Mal is filing a petition to get his license reinstated. It quickly becomes a problem, however, as Mal is expected to "express remorse for his misconduct" in order to satisfy the court, something he steadfastly refuses to do.

In fact, he would withdraw the petition -- if people would only stop trying to frighten him into doing just that. Anonymous notes turn into death threats, then into savage beatings, and finally into murder. It seems no one wants Mal's petition to lead to a hearing, where testimony might reveal what really led to the shooting so many years ago.

The person with the most to lose should the truth come out seems to be Jimmy Coletta, a second cop shot that night. Coletta survived, but has spent his life since in a wheelchair. Whatever part he played in the shootout, he seems a good man now, spending his life helping minority kids who have disabilities. Mal doesn't want to bring Jimmy down, but soon an innocent man's life depends on Mal pressing ahead with his petition, no matter who gets destroyed in the process. Set in Chicago, No Show of Remorse is a startling novel about crime, corruption, and their devastating consequences.


No Show Of Remorse
by David J. Walker

Minotaur Books
April 1, 2002
ISBN #0312252400
304 pages
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No Show Of Remorse

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