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In a classy Yoshiwara brothel, someone murders the shogun's heir, Lord Matsudaira Mitsuyoshi in the boudoir of Lady Wisteria, who has since vanished. Anyone with ambition or even remote connections in Edo decides to solve the homicide in order to gain favor with the shogun. Though still recuperating from his harrowing previous case, the shogun's Most Honorable Investigator of Events, Situations and People Samurai Sano Ichiro knows he must investigate because of the importance of the victim.

The antics of police Commissioner Hoshida, lover of the second-highest shogunate official and Sano's enemy, pressures Sano to quickly solve the murder. Still, Sano rejects the pat solution as too convenient and believes the evidence suggests a myriad of suspects with motives and opportunity to kill the shogun's dashing cousin. Reluctantly, especially after her involvement in his previous case, Sano turns to his wife Reiko for help in separating the facts from misinformation and disinformation.

THE PILLOW BOOK OF LADY WISTERIA is a fabulous seventeenth century Japanese who-done-it that will spellbind readers with its insightfully vivid descriptions of the Shogun era in historical Edo (Tokyo). The lead couple remains a wonderfully charming duo who escorts the audience on a sightseeing trip inside a unique police procedural as only this series does. Laura Joh Rowland provides another winning tale by tastefully and cleverly incorporating it into the powerful plot. The pleasure palaces of Yoshiwara though might require a bit of a warning label.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted March 14, 2002


Chicago private eye Mal Foley was a lawyer once. Then he disobeyed a court order requiring him to reveal a client's role in a shootout that left three people dead, one of them a cop, and his law license was revoked. Now years removed from that fateful day, Mal is filing a petition to get his license reinstated. It quickly becomes a problem, however, as Mal is expected to "express remorse for his misconduct" in order to satisfy the court, something he steadfastly refuses to do.

In fact, he would withdraw the petition -- if people would only stop trying to frighten him into doing just that. Anonymous notes turn into death threats, then into savage beatings, and finally into murder. It seems no one wants Mal's petition to lead to a hearing, where testimony might reveal what really led to the shooting so many years ago.

The person with the most to lose should the truth come out seems to be Jimmy Coletta, a second cop shot that night. Coletta survived, but has spent his life since in a wheelchair. Whatever part he played in the shootout, he seems a good man now, spending his life helping minority kids who have disabilities. Mal doesn't want to bring Jimmy down, but soon an innocent man's life depends on Mal pressing ahead with his petition, no matter who gets destroyed in the process. Set in Chicago, No Show of Remorse is a startling novel about crime, corruption, and their devastating consequences.


No Show Of Remorse
by David J. Walker

Minotaur Books
April 1, 2002
ISBN #0312252400
304 pages
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No Show Of Remorse

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