"Entertaining Fantasy - Thief Steals the Heart of King's Guard"

A prophesy had been fulfilled. A female child of great power had been born, sending ripples through the magical word, drawing the attention of forces both good and evil.

Vic Flash had grown up on the streets of Dareelia and had kept body and soul together by becoming the best thief and gambler in the Thief's Hole gang. If anything, overconfidence would be Vic's downfall. It nearly had been tonight when Vic had pulled a nearly impossible hand, not twice but three times, fooling the eye of the most expert of card players. The victim had not been a good loser.

Jacob Marin, one of the King's Own Guard, prided himself on his powers of observation. He'd been intrigued by the talented little gambler's performance, enough to warn him to have a care for his safety. He'd been completely surprised to learn that he'd missed the fact that Vic was actually a Victoria, but Jacob had problems of his own. Goblins had been seen moving toward Karasnia causing grave concern for the King.

The boss had ordered Victoria to lay low until her victim cooled down. So clad in unfamiliar female attire Victoria moves her act uptown where she is once more caught in the act by Jacob Marin. General Marin, does not have her arrested however. He has uses for her. He needs the gifted spy to ferret out the suspicious activity taking place within the kingdom, and perhaps for something more personal as well. She intrigues him, a man who had had no interest in women for over two years. He'd suffered from an unrequited love, but the image of Victoria was beginning to overlay that of the woman he'd lost.

Victoria is wary for Jacob has quite a reputation as a ladies' man. She'd chosen to become a thief early in life to avoid becoming involved in that kind of arrangement. But her new clothes made her feel strangely feminine, and Jacob was exceedingly handsome. She would have to be very careful to guard her heart, but agrees to take the job. What she discovers is far more serious than first thought, blood mages have been smuggled into town and Goblins have been seen in the city. Then her cover is blown when her rival learns what Vic really is, and Jacob finds he no longer wants to send her out to face danger alone. He wants to protect her, but first he must win her trust.

Just when a tentative bond begins to form between the two, the king's infant granddaughter is kidnapped, falling into the hands of the blood mages. Complicating the issue is the fact that the child's mother is none other than Jacob's lost love, and the wife of his dearest friend. Jacob and Victoria set out with them on a mission that will test their strength, trust, and love for each other. Failure would mean more than a personal loss, it could be the end of the world as they know it.

Fast-paced and intriguing, THIEF'S DESIRE is the first book in the Fate's Hand Trilogy. Though this episode ends happily, the reader is very much aware that the child possesses great power, and that the enemy will not rest until he possesses her. I enjoyed the characterizations in this novel very much, Victoria is quite streetwise, but very naive in the ways of men and women. Jacob is an experienced older man, intelligent and powerful, and in the position to dominate, but in spite of his urge to protect, he respects Victoria, and supports her when it becomes apparent that her unique skills are necessary to help thwart the enemy. He knows that he could lose her, but realizes that her spirit and determination make her the woman that he loves. The main villain and his motives remain a mystery, but one that will have the reader running out to buy , DESTINY'S SEDUCTION the next installment of this saga.

Copyright 2002
Original review: LTDBooks rel.- February 1, 2002, ISBN #1553160673

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted March 14, 2002


Vic Flash, street thief and gambler, thought working as a spy for a King's Own would be a simple way to earn some money while hiding from the leader of a rival street gang. Even if she did have to worry about being seduced by the sexy general.

General Jacob Marin thought hiring the little thief to work as a spy would not only be a good way to get answers to the mysteries converging on his city but a good excuse to keep Vic close. Close enough to seduce.

Neither anticipated the danger that would descend with each new discovery. Blood magicians, goblins, smugglers and a mysterious evil lurking in the background launch Vic and Jacob on a deadly quest to save a child of prophesy, a journey that will test the bonds of their newfound trust and love. Failure could mean disaster for the future of the world.

Publisher Note: This book was previously published elsewhere under the same title.


Thief's Desire
(Fate's Hand Trilogy #1)
by Isabo Kelly

Cerridwen Press
April 1, 2006
Available: November 5, 2006
ISBN #1419905732
EAN #9781419905735
e-Book (reprint)
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