"Deadly Visions follow Psychic from Big City to Small Town"

Morgan Smith/Tarrant had escaped family and notoriety in Salem, Massachusetts, hoping to live a productive and anonymous life in the Big Apple. She had not, however been able to run away from her gift, or was it her curse? It happened again on the subway train she'd boarded to carry her home from work -- a vision, murder. She saw it all: the victim, an older woman - left to die all alone, the killer - who was somewhere on the same train and planning to kill again. She would have to report it to the police and subject herself to the same disbelief her visions always evoked in law enforcement officials, the same sensational notoriety when she proved herself to be the real deal.

True to form, publicity disrupts her life again. She had done what had to be done and lost her job as a result, but for the first time a killer gets away. Morgan decides to start over once more, this time to a small town in the Midwest where no one would know her name, and crime would be minimal. French Creek, Indiana had proved to be a haven for two years, until .....

Detective Gabriel Walsh, former Navy Seal. had recently moved to French Creek himself. He'd recently come close to losing his life in the line of duty, and his personal life had taken a beating as well. He'd been looking for a haven and held the same hopes as Morgan for a quiet existence in a small town. He soon learns that evil can be found in the most unexpected places.

Darien Storm, a former Ranger had gone A.W.O.L. from the army, and had since used his specialized training and his minor psychic abilities to con innocent people out of their savings. He'd begun by seducing lonely older women out of their valuables. He'd gotten away with murder, but he'd tired of that game and had formulated a new con. He begun traveling to small towns presenting himself as the returned Messiah, bilking fundamentalists out of their church funds. French Creek promised easy pickings.

Morgan had caught wind of the scam from a teenaged girl working at her shop. The girl and her best friend had been enthralled by the man's charisma. Morgan smells a rat and attends the next "performance" with the two girls. She realizes at once that the killer from her past has reemerged. She also catches the eye of Gabriel, attending undercover. He notices that she is unaffected by the charlatan, and approves wholeheartedly. In fact he is impressed by everything about her.

At night, visions invade Morgan's dreams with prophesy. She is told she must face down the killer herself, but the specter promises her that a treasure of immeasurable worth will be her reward. Morgan is terribly afraid and she has no faith in law officers. She is surprised when Gabriel not only believes in her, but takes on the case vowing that no harm will come to the remarkable woman whom he suspects he'd fallen in love with at first sight. Though Gabriel has had no personal experience with psychic ability the two seem strangely in tune to each other. He hopes it will be enough to keep her safe. She suspects that he might just be a treasure worth any risk to obtain.

Daren's skills are equal to Gabriel's and his psychic ability could give him an edge. He might play a saint to the public, but behind closed doors his decadent lifestyle has not changed. When women begin to turn up dead in French Creek, Morgan blames her lack of courage and decides to become his next distraction. To Darien she would be the perfect ticket out of this penny ante racket. Wealthy, beautiful, and psychic as well, she could fulfill his wildest dreams of sex, money, and power. Will Morgan become his next victim or will lust finally be Darien's downfall? Can she stop this cunning killer once and for all? Will love be her reward?

FATAL VISION is a heady combination of paranormal and romantic suspense featuring a heroine who is strong, courageous, but also very human. The hero is as tender as he is tough, and the villain is the epitome of a serial killer, intelligent, cunning and inherently evil. Well plotted, this story will keep the reader guessing to the very last page.

Copyright 2002

first released Dec. 1999 by SWP
Currently released by LTD Books, also in ebook format
Disc ISBN: 1553160509
Rocket ISBN: 1553169522

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted March 14, 2002


Having psychic abilities isn't all that great, as Morgan Tarrant could testify. They already cost her a normal family life, several jobs, and lots of moving around. Vowing to keep her psychic abilities a secret, she moves one last time to French Creek, Indiana. However, she doesn't count on an evil from her past following her ... After his last undercover job almost cost him his life, Detective Gabriel Walsh moves to French Creek to escape big city problems. He soon learns that evil isn't picky about where it lives or whom it threatens. For several years, Darien Storm has enjoyed using his minor psychic abilities and con artist's tricks to bilk the public as the Messiah. By the time he reaches French Creek, he's tiring of the gig and ready to move on. Then, opportunity knocks. Morgan is beautiful, rich and holds the promise of powers he can only imagine. He lusts for her, and nothing will stand in his way to possess her. Morgan is forced to confront the evil that invades her world--but can she triumph?


Fatal Vision
by Monette Michaels

October 1, 2001
ISBN #1553165470
EAN #9781553165477
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