"Dreams and destiny bring Chino and Abigail together"

Chino Whitehorse was 11 when he had a vision-dream of saving the horses. Years later, he now sought vengeance against the white man who ordered the murder of his wife and son. The spirit of his dreams sent him to the valley and he is surprised to see that his dream horse is on Abby's ranch. When he learns the identity of the individual pressuring Abby to sell her ranch, Chino sees his destiny unfolding because the same man ordered the execution of his family. But he never thought of his destiny beyond revenge... until meeting Abby.

It has been two years since her husband's death by a band of Apache warriors. Though the grief has somewhat faded, Abigail Madison faces the difficulty of raising two children and running the Flying M Ranch in Arizona. Although he is different than she expected of an Apache, how can she overcome her prejudice and grief to trust him. Add what to do about the unexpected passion she feels for this handsome warrior? Showing she is woman who knows what she wants, Abby made the first sensual advances with Chino. Again, the different cultural expectations of romance are expressed in often sizzling interludes as they discover more about each other and teach each other ways of fulfillment.

Apache life-way is discussed including Chino's experiences with spirits and dream visions. Native American romance readers will approve of the portrayal and it is presented smoothly as part of their learning of each other. Those who enjoy a more sensual romance will not be disappointed. This is a well-written story with plenty of action in and out of the bedroom. It will leave you with a satisfying ending when love brings forgiveness, healing and understanding.

Cy Korte Copyright February 2002 For

Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted March 7, 2002


Apache Destiny
by Holly Harte

Leisure Books
October 1, 2001
ISBN #0843949309
368 pages
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