"Maggie face life again and finds jinni Tom a part of her new life"

Three weeks after abruptly canceling her wedding to Chet, Maggie Yates is still sunk in a deep depression that leaves her in bed most of the time. Her mother, Sarah, is getting justifiably fed up with her pity party and lets her know it. She also brings in a wedding gift that Maggie cannot return, as it was mailed fifty years ago by an elderly aunt on her deathbed, with instructions to give it to Maggie's father's only daughter for her wedding. Maggie ignores it, but it does not ignore her. When she returns to her room from an errand, she finds a naked man there, who claims to have been living in the box her aunt sent for fifty years. He says that he is a jinn, there to give her three wishes. At first, she thinks he's a delusion, and then that he is delusional, and is determined to help him. Since he appears nameless, she calls him Tom after an old friend.

At first, Tom follows the ARABIAN NIGHTS pattern of jinn, and hates his new master, wanting to plot her downfall. However, he soon sees that Maggie is not like the selfish petty people he has served in the past, and begins to want to do good for her. Thus, when she makes frivolous wishes or for things not for herself, he pretends that they count, when they do not. It is his intention to keep her from making the last wish until the time of her death, so that he can stay with her always. In the meantime, he makes a home and place for himself in the small town where Maggie lives, and in her heart. The sexual pull between them is strong, and it does not take long for them to give in, once Maggie believes in Tom. Yet, their time is limited, and their position of master and slave stands between them. Both believe that the other needs something that they cannot have while the two of them are together. Therefore, Maggie believes she makes her last wish; one that cancels all negative effects of her previous wishes and sets Tom free. He is pleased to be free of the box, but unhappy to lose Maggie. For she has lied, saying she wants him out of her life, but to be happy. He does what he can to ensure her happiness, even if it's with another man, and sadly watches her leave town. Months later, she returns home to find Tom has made a fairly decent mortal life for himself. The love they will not admit is still between them; does it stand a chance?

Genie books have become popular of late, and this one is worth putting at the top of the list of fine books of the subgenre. Though several questions about both Maggie and Tom's pasts are left unexplained, that does not affect the enjoyment of the story. Tom is too good to be true, a hunk with a heart of gold and magic besides. Maggie's treatment of him often leaves something to be desired, but given what is known of her past, it is somewhat understandable. I found the supporting cast to be believable, and played exactly the right part to the storyline. Especially welcome was the non-traditional ending. I look forward to reading more from this gifted author.

Amanda Killgore Copyright March 2002
for ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted March 7, 2002


Is Maggie Yates suffering from a complete nervous breakdown or is a naked jinn offering to grant her three wishes? The only alternative she's willing to consider is she has a nut in her bedroom. In either case, it's time to panic!

Tom has had more names than he can remember and several masters he'd like to forget. The only thing he hates more than granting wishes is returning to the obis to wait for another fool to call him. When he meets his latest master, however, he discovers wishes have their charms, but he can only grant three before his curse separates them forever.

Can Tom trick Maggie into forgoing her third wish until she's an old woman? Or maybe, just maybe, has he found the one person who loves him enough to risk setting him free?


At Your Command
by Christine W. Murphy

Hard Shell Word Factory
December 1, 2001
ISBN #0759904200
EAN #9780759904200
e-Book (reprint)
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