"Requires a great leap of faith"

Because of his parapsychological abilities, the Selector seems God-like as he uses mind control to grab the soul of individuals, forcing them to join his army. With his need to cleanse humanity, the Selector seems more like the devil as he kills anyone with a physical or mental disability. His selection process goes much wider than say the federal Disabilities Act, as the sentence for corrective lens is death.

His opponents, who are trying to stop him, are not even at a David level vs. his Goliath. Instead he sits at the top of the food chain while they remain below the lowest rung. Killing them seems as elementary as ABC to the Selector. However, a quartet of survivors struggling with the unexpected savagery and injustice of the Selector, are trying to endure as they prepare for a final showdown that they instinctively know they can only lose.

RUNNING ON INSTINCT is an exciting thriller if the reader does not ask questions of why. The Selector will remind the audience of Freddie Kreuger (that is from the sequels and not the original Elm Street movie). He is clearly the focus of the tale though his victims take more center stage. N.M. Luiken provides an engaging concept within an action-packed tale, but fails to explain why the Selector chooses to cleanse the race, which leaves the audience feeling shortchanged. Still those who enjoy a dynamic energized thriller that never slows down and are willing to suspend belief will delight in Ms. Luiken's debut novel.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted July 4, 2001


Running On Instinct
by N.m. Luiken

July 1, 2001
ISBN #0312873441
416 pages
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