"Delightful mix of the supernatural, romance and mystery"

It was a lucky day for barmaid Sookie Stackhouse when vampire Bill Compton came into the place where she was working. A very powerful telepath, Sookie is regarded as a pariah by the townsfolk of Bon Temps. Since a vampire's mind is closed to her, Sookie feels comfortable and free to pursue a relationship with Bill without hearing things she need not know. Bill also wants to be involved with Sookie because she doesn't fear him and accepts him as is.

Bill has applied and been awarded the job of investigator of Area 5 but since there is very little trouble occurring at the moment, he is going to Area 6 in Texas. There is a vampire missing from the nest and they want Bill and Sookie to locate him. Their investigation leads Sookie to a radical church group that feels vampires are an abomination and should be destroyed along with their human sympathizers.

LIVING DEAD IN DALLAS is a delightful mix of the supernatural, romance and mystery genres that creates a new and unique work of fun reading. The eccentric characters are used to show that Sookie and Bill's relationship is normal by comparison. Charlaine Harris performs the impossible by making the reader feel a bit sad that vampires don't really exist.

Harriet Klausner - Copyright 2002

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted March 7, 2002


A Southern Vampire Mystery

Here Sookie Stackhouse's paranormal adventures continue with a mystery readers will devour...

Cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse is on a streak of bad luck. First her coworker is murdered and no one seems to care. Then she's face-to-face with a beastly creature that gives her a painful - and poisonous - lashing. Enter the vampires, who graciously suck the poison from her veins (like they didn't enjoy it).

Even though Sookie has her own vampire to look out for her - her red-hot, cold-blooded boyfriend, Bill - she has to admit that the bloodsuckers did save her life. So when one of the local undead asks for a favor, she feels like she owes him.

Soon Sookie's in Dallas, using her telepathic skills to search for a missing vampire. She's supposed to interview certain humans involved. There's just one condition: The vampires must promise to behave - and let the humans go unharmed. Easier said than done. All it takes is one delicious blonde and one small mistake for things to turn deadly...

Genre: Urban Fantasy

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Living Dead In Dallas
(Sookie Stackhouse: Book 2)
by Charlaine Harris

Ace Books
March 1, 2002
Available: March 26, 2002
ISBN #0441009239
EAN #9780441009237
272 pages
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