"Gus and Sally were ordinary but their love changed their town"

Welcome to Whiterock, an average small town in America with a population struggling to keep their town going and hold on to their optimism after the town's largest employer has closed it's doors. Most folks would say that the town is dying.

Whiterock doesn't agree.

Sally and Gus are both trapped in prisons of their own making, Sally's is one of despair and resentment as she looks after a father suffering from Alzheimer's disease, Gus' is built from guilt and grief over the death of his wife and child. Whiterock senses the spark between them and believes that with a little help they could produce the strong positive emotions it needs to survive.

I really got caught up in this book and found myself looking for the changes in the town as Gus and Sally's relationship progressed. The story is very well written and some of the changes were so gradual and seemingly natural that at first glance they didn't register. I really liked the fact that Gus and Sally were ordinary in their looks and it was fascinating to see how their perceptions of each other differed as they became more involved.

I have avoided this kind of story in the past but this book has changed my mind. I look forward to reading more from Judith B Glad in the future.

PNR Reviews Copyright February 2002
Reviewed by B Small

Reviewed by Barbara Small
Posted May 1, 2002


Whiterock, Oregon, is more than just a collection of buildings and the people who occupy them. There is also an entity, Whiterock, which is aware, with its own dreams for the future. But now its existence is threatened, by apathy and neglect.

Gus Loring is running from himself. Legally absolved of any fault, he nonetheless believes the flaming crash that took the lives of his wife and child could have been avoided if he had taken responsibility for her car's maintenance.

Sally Carruthers built her own prison. She gave up a promising career as a costume designer to come home to Whiterock and nurse her dying mother. Her father's deterioration from Alzheimer's kept her there, full of frustration and resentment. As her father's intelligence deteriorates, she finds herself hoping he will die soon-and hating herself for doing so.

Whiterock sees the promise of passion between Sally and Gus as having the potential to enhance its last attempt at survival. It enhances their sexual response to each other and gradually, it gains strength from their strong emotions. At the same time, Gus and Sally see changes in the town. Whiterock continues to gain strength from their growing love and passion, but knows that their relationship may not be permanent as too much of the past still burdens them.



Improbable Solution
by Judith B. Glad

Novel Books, Inc.
June 17, 2002
ISBN #1931696632
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