"Can Dante trust this Chosen One with his vampiric secrets?"

Desperate to escape from the Hollywood gossip that engulfs her following the deaths of her famous adopted parents, Morgan DeSilva flees to the Maine coast. Though a continent away, Morgan plans to finish a script that should help pay off the enormous debt her parents left behind.

Perhaps it is her mourning for her loss or just the desperation of needing to write, but Morgan struggles to get anything done. However, she lucks out when she finds the aging journals of Dante, who claimed to be a vampire. Using his work as a springboard, Morgan becomes a success though haunted now by elaborate dreams of Dante. He wants her too, but can he trust this Chosen One with his vampiric secrets especially in light of an investigator closing in on the undead?

Fans of vampire romance know that no one is quite as dependable as Maggie Shayne is to provide a powerful tale of supernatural love. TWILIGHT HUNGER, the seventh Shayne vampire novel, is an enticing tale that stars two deserving lead characters. Empathetic readers will definitely want them to make a life together. The story line is loaded with action as Dante shows up in the flesh even as the investigator closes in on him and his beloved, but trust keeps them apart. As always, Ms. Shayne makes an impossible creature seem so real and romantic that sub-genre fans will claim that she must have found some old journals in a Kingly Maine home.

Harriet Klausner © Copyright February 2002

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted March 1, 2002


For Morgan DeSilva, fantasy is part of everyday life. As a screenwriter, she takes people's most passionate hopes, dreams, and fears and turns them into larger-than-life stories. At first she believes that the ancient diaries she finds in the attic of an old house in Maine are only the ramblings of a long-dead madman called Dante who fancied himself a vampire -- a source of inspiration she eagerly uses to pave her way to wealth and fame. But, now that she's reached those goals, she dreams of Dante at night...dark, erotic dreams that she fears are somehow dangerously real. For there are marks on her neck that have no other explanation -- and she is undeniably growing weaker and weaker with each passing night. The one thing Morgan doesn't know is whether the Dante who comes to her by night is a creature of darkness, hell-bent on destroying her, or if he is truly destined to be her love throughout eternity -- her only protection against powerful supernatural enemies who hunt them both.


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  • Wings in the Night (includes books 1, 2, 3)
  • Twilight Begins (includes books 1, 2)
  • At Twilight (includes books 4, 5)
  • Two by Twilight (includes books 6, 8)

    Twilight Hunger
    (Wings In The Night: Book 7)
    by Maggie Shayne

    MIRA Books
    March 1, 2002
    Available: March 1, 2002
    ISBN #1551668866
    EAN #9781551668864
    408 pages
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