"Reclusive Pychic Seeks Masterful Magician for Lifetime of Love"

Harriet (Hera) is back from d-Alphus with new magic rings, and Zeke (Zeus) has chosen the latest woman to whose line he owes restitution. Magician Dia Trelawny is a descendant of Zeus and Leda, a mortal woman who was seduced by him when he appeared to her in the form of a swan. Harriet isn't thrilled by his choice, having once caught Zeus and Dia in a suspicious looking kiss, but fortunately Dia's assistant Paolo is of the line of Apollo. This should be a quick fix, or will it? Only Zeke notices that somewhere in the audience, another son of Olympus is watching the performance with the intensity that could only belong to a descendant of Hades, the Soul Seeker. Failure to make the correct match could result in lifelong misery for the solitary Hugh Pendragon, for a soul seeker can love only once.

Hugh hadn't been able to get Dia out of his head since he first set eyes on her, six months earlier, at his friend Armond's wedding, six months during which the psychic powers that define his life had dwindled severely. Yet he knows with a certainty that Dia will soon seek him out.

Backstage Dia has learned that she's been "gifted" with temporary custody of her sister's four teenagers, two sets of twins, while her sister Liza pursues yet another relationship doomed to failure. This just won't do. Dia's lifestyle just isn't suited to taking care of kids and the timing couldn't be worse. Six month's ago, Dia's performance at a museum had served as a distraction for a jewel theft. Though Dia had been innocent of duplicity, proving that was next to impossible, making her the perfect blackmail victim. She needs to make sure the teens are safely away before her command performance for Demetria Cesare, the master jewel thief.

Naturally Demetria is none other than Demeter, goddess of the earth, who is determined to make the latest son of Hades' line pay for the loss of her daughter Persephone to that god. She's a virulent as poison ivy. Dia is a convenient pawn in her scheme.

Queries had led Dia to the doorstep of Hugh Pendragon, a recently retired private detective. Dia had met Hugh once and he had haunted her dreams long after. Now she needed his abilities to locate her errant sister. If anything the effect the two have on each other has intensified with time, but haunted by his recent string of failures Hugh declines to take the case. End of connection, right? Somehow he just can't let it go at that.

Six months ago he'd met Dia Trewlawny, six months that his powers had been dwindling, six months since he'd loaned the two oldest gems of the Pendragon legacy to a museum where she'd performed, during which time one of the gems had been switched. Could there be a connection? He doesn't want think so. Yet Dia's earrings are the only personal items that have stirred his visions recently, and his dreams indicate that to regain his gift he must either possess both of the gems, or her. His senses tell him she's in trouble up to her pretty neck. Now he must make a choice, to lose his gift or lose his heart. Will he take the case? With Zeke and Harriet running interference, you can be sure there will be lots of laughs on the road to romance.

I really am enjoying Ms. Nance's imaginative approach to the legends of the Olympians. Each of the characters have incredible depth, and I love the way Zeus's prior mechanizations manifest themselves in his granddaughter's phobias. Imagine being scared of swans! What fun. I highly recommend THE SEEKER, as well as the previous novels, THE TRICKSTER, and THE WARRIOR, and hope the series will continue.

Copyright 2002

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted February 28, 2002


Stuck with her sister's two sets of teenage twins and a magic show about to go on tour, Dia Trelawny needs help fast. Her irresponsible sibling has disappeared as inexplicably as a rabbit in a hat, but Dia has learned of a man who specializes in finding missing persons, no matter how lost. Hugh Pendragon's piercing green eyes appear to look right into Dia's soul, reading her anxiety about her sister, her unexpected attraction to him. Dark and mysterious, he seems a creature of moonbeams and nighttime, while she lives in the spotlight. But as he draws her into his web of seduction, she wonders which of them is the true magician. She may be a mistress of illusion, but Hugh has performed real magic in bringing her heart back from the dead. Love Spell Book Club selection!

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The Seeker
(Sons of Olympus: Book 3)
by Kathleen Nance

Love Spell
January 1, 2002
Available: January 1, 2002
ISBN #0505524651
EAN #9780505524652
390 pages
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