"Love is the cure for grief stricken Viking, Truly a Keeper"

Do you believe in destiny, wishes that come true, timeless love? Jorund Ericsson doesn't, neither does Doctor Maggie McBride. Never fear, a killer whale by the name of Thora, and Maggie's twin daughters have enough faith for both of them.

Truly, Madly Viking is liberally sprinkled with Ms. Hill's infamous humor but it also deals with the plight of "Joe" and his fellow patients with remarkable sensitivity. The humor is never at Jorund's expense. No one is chuckling their head off about the poor fool who thinks he a tenth century Viking, or any of the other inmates' problems. Jorund himself is a real hoot, for a man who had led such a serious life, his thoughts about his predicament, his fellow inmates, the wench of the man-hare and kiss-some lips - Mag-he, and well, just about everything are just plain laugh out loud hilarious. Come to think of it, Maggie's thoughts about the studdly "Joe Rand' are pretty funny at times as well!

This book is the sequel to "The Last Viking" the time travel tale of Jorund's brother Rolf, known among readers as "the other Viking story" because it is not connected to Ms. Hill's historical Viking series, which consists of four related Viking historical romances, two of which are time travels. Rolf had also traveled to our present to settle in Maine with his modern bride. Together they had founded a working Viking community there to keep the Viking heritage alive.

Norway 998

Jorund Ericsson is a Viking mercenary. Home again after more than a year away, he is greeted with devastating news. In his absence his young wife and his beloved 5-year-old twin daughters had perished in the famine that had plagued his land. He blames himself for not protecting them. His marriage had not been a love match, but he had adored his little girls from the moment he'd first laid eyes on them.

Jorund is given no time at all to dwell on his grief. His father has need of him, for his brother Rolf has recently been lost at sea. He and his older brother Magnus are to conduct the search for him. So deep is his pain, Jorund is tempted to refuse, but he sympathizes with his father's feelings regarding the loss of a child and finally agrees. This is our first glimpse of the very sensitive soul of this fierce warrior.

The search takes the brothers and their crew to Iceland where Rolf was last seen alive. The ship is being pursued by a killer whale that Magnus has dubbed Thora. Magnus plagues Jorund with teasing about the randy whale's obvious "attraction" to him. Jorund is not about to reveal his belief that the whale does indeed have business with him. Jorund who'd been ever good with foreign languages had a whale is communicating inside his head! Perhaps his grief or his brother's incessant teasing has driven him mad.

Try as they might the Vikings are unable to elude Thora. After a night anchored off shore, the men have decided to pull up anchor and make a final attempt to escape the threat, but the anchor is snared in seaweed. Jorund sheds his clothes and, wearing only his sword, dives in to free it. Thora sees her chance and makes off with him.

A Terrified Jorund finds himself traveling farther and father away from his ship. He is sure he has died when he surfaces in Galveston Bay off the shore of Texas and is catapulted into the killer whale enclosure of the Orcaland theme park. He is stunned by the sight that meets his eyes, strangely clad people who are gawking at HIM. Well he is a pretty strange sight himself. The crowd surely didn't expect to see a huge naked male riding the back of a wild whale. As he emerges, the people's shock turns to indignation. Security is called to handle the situation. This couldn't be Valhalla!

Present Day Texas

Maggie McBride is a single mother of nine-year-old twins girls. One night she overhears the girls wishing on a star for a father. This hasn't been their first attempt at matchmaking by a long shot. Maggie cringes at the memory of their previous husband candidates. Maggie adores her daughters - Suzy who loves thrills just like her father had, and sensitive Beth whose goal in life is to protect all of the world's Orcas from harm. This interest has led to their presence at Orcaland on the fateful day of Jorund's arrival.

The girls had never met their real father, a daredevil physician who had died in a sky diving accident before they were born. He'd been the type to see a wife and kids as a cramp to his style at any rate. Maggie had raised their children alone and even gotten her doctorate degree. She is a psychologist at the Rainbow Clinic a progressive hospital for mental disorders. Who needs a man? Not Maggie. That is until her eyes meet those of a glorious and extremely confused naked male riding the back of a killer whale. Both Maggie and Jorund have an eerie feeling that something momentous has occurred.

When the bewildered warrior is felled by a security officer's stun gun, the girls tearfully beg Maggie to intervene. Maggie claims that he is her patient. Payshun? Jorund had thought she was his personal Valkyrie sent to escort him to Valhalla. He'd prayed for a greatly curvatious one and Maggie reeeeeeally fit the bill. This Mag-he Muck bride is a dock-whore? Who is he to argue?

Finding himself restrained and locked up, Jorund is sure he's someplace other than heaven. Imagine his shock in finding out he's being held in a madhouse. Though he'd initially refused to cooperate with Maggie and her staff, he realizes that time is of the essence if he is to complete his father's mission, so he does what he must to be discharged. Maggie decides group therapy is just the ticket. After meeting Maggie's other patients, he can't figure out why anyone would think HE was mad. These folks are REALLY crazy.

Jorund is a compassionate man and soon he is leading the others down constructive paths to solving their problems. His direct approach puts Maggie and her colleagues' methods to shame. Everyone loves "Joe", no one more than Maggie. Maggie has a gut feeling that though something big is troubling Joe, he's as sane as she is.

Aside from the fact that Joe is still Mag-he's patient there is one major obstacle blocking the relationship they both long for. For reasons unknown Jorund has an aversion to her daughters. Both problems are solved when Joe escapes the hospital and turns up several weeks later at Maggie's home. Jorund has failed to find Thora who he had hoped would take him back home, and he is becoming quite ill. The nature of the illness proves once and for all that he is what he says he is. With his resistance weakened the little girls steal their way into Jorund's broken heart.

It is too much of a coincidence that having lost his twins he would find another set who need him so badly? Surely must have had a hand in his time travel. Now their biggest concern is that this man, who has become so important to so many, could be whisked away from them at anytime. Soon Jorund must chose between responsibility and his own desires. Having experienced the loss of two children, how can he let his father die not knowing the fate of his two sons? Finding love for the first time in his life, how can he break Maggie and the girl's hearts, not to mention his own? Is there another way?

This book is a keeper, it will make the reader laugh, cry, and rejoice as Jorund and Maggie fall truly, madly in love. Highly recommended.

May, 2000
Copyright 2000

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted February 26, 2002


A Viking named Joe?

Jorund Ericsson is a tenth century Viking warrior who lands in a modern mental hospital.

Maggie McBride is the lucky psychologist who gets to "treat" the gorgeous Norseman, whom she mistakenly calls Joe.

You've heard of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."

But how about "A Viking Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?"

The question is: Who's the cuckoo in this nest? And why is everyone laughing?


Truly, Madly Viking
(Viking Series II: Contemp. TT Book 2)
by Sandra Hill

Love Spell
July 1, 2000
Available: October 31, 2006
ISBN #0505523876
EAN #9780505523877
392 pages
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