"Hilarious! Vain Viking Determined to Make his Mark on Winsome Scottish Witch"

What do an inept Scottish witch and a handsome and virile Viking warrior, with an er somewhat obvious flaw, have in common? Why love, laughter, and mayhem, of course AND ... a secret.

I love the humor in Ms. Hills books, and that is found abundance in THE BLUE VIKING but even more I love the way her characters overcome their life's burdens through that laughter and love.

For the past five years Rurik (you will remember him from the Bewitched Viking) has been a laughing stock among his Viking comrades. Strong, handsome, and virile, he has only one great flaw. Right down the middle of his face! The prominent blue zig zag which stretches from brow to chin, is the legacy of his love 'em and leave 'em ways. He's spent the past three years actively searching Scotland for the beautiful witch who put it there.

Why? Well the jibes were bad enough, but his betrothed has given him just three years to find the wench and have the disfigurement removed ... or the wedding is off. Well, it isn't as if he loves her, but his friends Eirik, Tykir, and Selik, are all happily settled and it had seemed like the thing to do at the time. A Viking princess was definitely not a bad match, and perhaps he wouldn't mind belonging to someone just a little bit.

Is Rurik a bit vain? Oh yeah! But there is more to the pain his friends taunts arouse, than meets the eye. Rurik had been born the son of a Jarl, not that that had done him any good. He'd been born too soon, frail, and ill. His noble father had not wanted to claim such as he. He'd been left naked in the snow to perish, but had been found and taken in by a local pig farmer. Ever filthy and scrawny, he had been the victim of every brute bigger and older than himself. He had vowed to grow into the biggest and handsomest Viking there ever was.

He had cut quite a swath through the ladies too, until the day he made the grievous mistake of bedding one Maire of the Moors. She'd wanted to go away with him. He'd laughed. The ugly blue mark down the center of his face had been the result. Hence his search for the witch.

Maire had been successful in evading Rurik until now. Too much was a stake. She'd risked the wrath of her betrothed and foisted another man's child upon him, but she would not allow the boy's father to take him away from her. What Rurik didn't know wouldn't hurt her. Alas, the brother of her late husband, wanted her clans lands for himself. He would wed her willing or not.

Rurik found her hanging from a cage, feebly attempting to escape by magical means without success. Though he has his own score to settle with the witch, he feels only rage for one who would torment someone clearly weaker than himself. He promises to help Maire hold her clan's property, in exchange for removal of the infamous mark.

The problem is Maire has no idea how to get rid of it. Rurik promised her she will put his own mark upon her ... everyday until the mark is removed! But will she leave a new mark upon his heart?

This book was hilarious. Rurik's band of warriors include Bolthor the Giant, the world's worst skald (on loan from Tykir), a pair of oversexed twins, a hero worshipping lad, and a Viking berserker, all of whom elicit aarghs from our fierce Viking. By the time Rurik realizes that he's in over his head, Maire has discovered the truth about his betrothal. His efforts to win her back will have the reader rolling on the floor. Moreover the bond he forges with another filthy, scrappy lad will truly warm the heart. This one's a keeper. More Vikings on the way. I can't wait!

March 2001
Copyright 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted February 26, 2002


2001 Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award Winner - Best Historical Love & Laughter

What in the name of Thor could be making this Viking so blue?

Eating haggis?

Listening to those insufferable bagpipes?

Traveling through Scotland with the world's worst poet?

Searching for the infuriatingly inept witch who's cursed his face...and even more important parts?

For Rurik the Viking, life has not been worth living since he left Maire of the Moors. Oh, it's not that he misses her fiery red tresses or kissome lips. Nay, it's the embarrassing blue zigzag she put on his face after their one wild night of loving. For a fierce warrior who prides himself on his immense height, his expertise in bedsport, and his well-honed muscles, this blue streak is the last straw. In the end, he'll bring the witchling to heel, or die trying. Mayhap he'll even beg her to long as she can promise he'll no longer be... The Blue Viking.


The Blue Viking
(Viking Series I: Hist. Book 5)
by Sandra Hill

February 1, 2001
Available: October 31, 2006
ISBN #0843948272
EAN #9780843948271
395 pages
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