"Jelly Beans Spice up Romance for Cajun Hunk and Creole Scientist"

Look out Jack, those magic beans are making something grow but it sure isn't a beanstalk! Those jellybeans, liberally laced with love potion, are the only thing that could possibly bring childhood nemesises Lucien LeDeux spicy Cajun lawyer, and Dr. Sylvie Fontaine cool Creole chemist, together. Or are they?

Now thirty three, Luc and Sylvie had known each other since childhood. They had grown up on opposite sides of the tracks, but depending on how you look at it they'd had nothing and everything in common. Luc who'd been born on the "wrong" side had grown accustomed to being snubbed. He'd suffered serious abuse at the hands of his father, and had been left on his own to care for his two younger brothers. As boys like him often did, he'd hidden his vulnerability behind obnoxious behavior. Wealthy and painfully shy Sylvie had been the prime target for his taunts.

Sylvie's high profile mother had cared more about proper deportment than Sylvie's feelings. Luc had been the bane of Sylvie's young existence. Little did she know that he'd only been protecting himself, rejecting her before she could reject him. The boy Luc had even taken to washing his limited clothing in a stream, all because Sylvie had once seemingly shown disdain for his dirty-kneed jeans. As an adult the habit had stuck. Though he still claims not to care for her, Luc is always immaculate, having every stitch of clothing, down to his socks and underwear, dry cleaned.

The last thing that Luc had ever want to do was to beg better-than-thou Sylvie Fontaine for a favor. But that is just what his brothers had coerced him into doing. Pollution is destroying the local shrimping industry and Luc's father's oil company is the suspected culprit. Luc is representing the shrimpers and needs an unbiased party to do lab testing.

Sylvie, currently working for a pharmaceutical company, is conducting tests on laboratory rats to determine the efficacy of her experimental love potion. The product, labeled JBX is administered using impregnated jellybeans. Who could have predicted that the obnoxious lawyer would sample them when her back was turned? To make matters worse, the intended party was meant to fall in love with her!

The tale becomes madly hilarious as the ever calm Sylvie totally looses her cool and tries everything imaginable to make him cough them up. Failing that, she begs Luc to leave town until the effects of the potion wear off.

Luc intends to do just that, but his imagination has taken hold of him. Not a day later he is crashing Sylvie's mother's posh party to beg for the antidote. Unfortunately he reveals all before the entire town, including a sleazy reporter. Before they know what has hit them, both her lab and their homes have been ransacked, and they are fleeing an unknown enemy. Could the threat be from Sylvie's competitors, or oil company goons hired by Luc's father? Now forced to spend time in each other's company , can these two find a way to dispel the misunderstandings of their past? Okay so Luc at least has a reason for his lustful feelings, but what could be Sylvie's excuse?

The reader will find themselves laughing hysterically from beginning to surprise ending. Ms. Hill serves up one hot and spicy romance and even sneaks in a bit of voodoo. Highly recommended.

Copyright 1999

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted February 26, 2002


What if a chemist invented a real love potion?

What if the elixir were put in jelly beans?

What if a man...the wrong man...ate the jelly beans?

Dr. Sylvie Fontaine...chemist extraordinaire.

Lucien LeDeux..."The Swamp Solicitor," AKA "Bad Boy of the Bayou."

Holy Crawfish! The South might indeed rise again...

If the rebels could just stop laughing.

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The Love Potion
(Cajun: Book 1)
by Sandra Hill

Love Spell (Time of Your Life)
December 1, 2003
Available: October 1, 2003
ISBN #0505523493
EAN #9780505523495
391 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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