"Great romantic intrigue"

Dr. Annie Parrish of the River Basin Coalition hurriedly needs to leave Manaus, Brazil, but her transportation has broken down. Desperate to get out of town before Vargas, who once imprisoned and tortured her, learns she is there, she searches all the dives until she finds Harvard trained ethnobotanist Will Sanchez Travers sexily dancing with a local. She asks Will if she can join his ship heading to Santa Maria in the morning. Will, who has given up academia to go native, agrees for a fee.

Will takes Annie up river though he knows she is hiding her real reason for the hasty ride, but does not really care as long as her endeavor does not jeopardize his work. However, three days along the RIVER OF EDEN leads to an attraction and then love between the field scientists, but also danger from Vargas who has plans that will destroy the Norte Americano outsiders and many other innocents.

In a positive way, RIVER OF EDEN will remind readers of the Amazon Queen not just because of its locale, but also because its a strong adventure tale with two wonderful superstars. The story line is fast-paced and loaded with action from the first step Annie takes onto the Manaus dive. The tale never lets up as Glenna McReynolds provides quite a reading experience for fans of a romantic adventure thriller.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted February 22, 2002


**A PNR Reviewer Recommended Read**

Bad-boy scientist Will Travers may have an Ivy League mind but he?s got the spirit of the jungle in his heart and the kiss of the Amazon on his body.

River of Eden

With his sun-bronzed skin, a week?s worth of beard, and a shaman?s crystal around his neck, Will Sanchez Travers looked more like a man mothers warned their daughters about than a Harvard-trained ethnobotanist. And even if only half the rumors about him were true, Dr. Annie Parrish figured she was in trouble. Still, she needed the rogue scientist to ferry her upriver in search of a prize so extraordinary, it would make her reputation?if it didn?t get her killed first.

When he?d reluctantly agreed to take the legendary Amazon Annie deep into the Brazilian rain forest, Will expected a woman warrior, not a blond ragamuffin renegade whose secrets ran darker than he could have imagined. But once the journey begins, there will be no turning back as they enter territory?of the wilderness and the heart?as dangerous as it is beautiful, desperate to stop a twisted destroyer of worlds before his nightmarish fantasy becomes horribly real. Amid sorcery, violence, and mystical visions, which will be the victor?the yearning for vengeance, or a power as potent and seductive as the heart of a singular, magical orchid?


River Of Eden
by Glenna McReynolds

January 1, 2002
Available: January 29, 2002
ISBN #055358393X
EAN #9780553583939
352 pages
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