"A romantic space romp of the first order"

Trilby Elliot is a down on her luck space jockey. Then her luck seems to change. A ship crashes onto the planet where she is hiding out and she manages to salvage some of it. Unfortunately, she also winds up salvaging the pilot, Rhis.

Rhis quickly decides to make Trilby's ship work for him... and Trilby, too, of course. That is, until, they are forced to work together to save the universe and fall in love while they're doing it.

This is truly a romantic space romp of the first order! Lots of fun characters and interesting details about the universe they live in. This book was well written, fast paced and a delight to read. I Highly recommend it and her other books written as Megan Sybil Baker.

Janet Miller Copyright February 2002
for ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted February 19, 2002


Be careful what you wish for. You might get it...

Her ship's in shambles, her boyfriend's dumped her and she's frankly out of funds. Captain Trilby Elliot hopes her luck has changed when a high-tech fightercraft crash lands at her repair site.

Finders keepers. She can sell the ship as salvage, pocket the profits. Except for one small problem: the pilot, Rhis, is still alive and intent on commandeering her ship. And another much larger problem: someone very powerful and very important wants Trilby Elliot dead.

2001 Sapphire Award Finalist for Excellence


Finders Keepers
by Linnea Sinclair

Novel Books, Inc.
September 1, 2001
ISBN #1931696004
EAN #9781931696005
308 pages
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