"Wishes do come true, but the heart knows best wish is love"

Wishmaker's International is now modern and fully computerized. Their power to grant wishes has dwindled to a critical stage and all are concerned. Mirabelle Saintly is a fairy godmother or good witch -- or if you prefer to be politically correct 'Granter' and Gus is her helper and 'Granter-in-Training.' By midnight on New Year's Eve Mirabelle must grant Eileen Pringle her wish of true love, or Wishmaker's and all Granters will disappear forever.

Undercover FBI agent Daniel Collins is trying to find the person inside Brock Van Buren's Software Company who is hacking into government files. He doesn't count on falling for his prime suspect, Eileen Pringle. Can Daniel win Eileen's love?

Eileen's father has died, her stepmother has kicked her out of her home, and her sexy stepsister is chasing her boss, Brock, the man Eileen feels is her destiny. Fortunately, Eileen manages to find a nice apartment for an amount she can afford, near to Mirabelle Saintly. This kindly lady tells an interesting story about granting wishes and it can't hurt to humor her and follow the steps.

Without sermonizing, Mirabelle Saintly gives steps leading to self-image and personal strength and we watch with her as Eileen grows and finds that magic is a power within ourselves and love is the greatest magic of all.

GLASS-SLIPPER-DOT.COM is an imaginative and heartwarming spin-off of the Cinderella fairy tale. 'Wishmakers', complete with Internet site and special effects, has potential for future stories of love. This book was an enjoyable evening's entertainment and I hope to find more stories by this author.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted February 11, 2002


When you wish upon a star...

Good Witch, Mirabelle Saintly, and Wishmaker’s International are there to help. After all, they’ve been granting wishes as far back as Cinderella, and are now fully-computerized and with a mission statement to “help every individual attain their wish.”

But Wishmakers is in trouble. With the cosmic power shift of the new millennium, Wishmaker’s magic is threatened. The Good Witch’s magic wands sparkle a little less brightly with each failed “grant.” By midnight of the year 2001 Mirabelle must grant the wish of her next assignment, Eileen Pringle, or Wishmakers and all Good Witches will fade forever into fabledom.

The latently beautiful computer nerd, Eileen, has stumbled into the new millennium with all the grace of a wounded goose. Her father has died, her stepmother has kicked her out of her home, and she can’t get her boss, Brock Van Buren, to notice her, let alone fall in love with her. She can’t seem to tell her left foot from her right...until she stumbles into Mirabelle Saintly’s world.

With the help of Mirabelle and her trainee, the flamboyant Gus, Eileen’s a sure bet to have her wish for true love granted. Right? Wrong. The wish has to be earned, and the tasks Mirabelle sets for Eileen seem unattainable. Not only that, but a disturbingly handsome fellow employee, Daniel Collins, appears intent on sidetracking her from her goal.

Undercover FBI cyber-agent Daniel Collins’s assignment is to find the culprit inside Brock Van Buren’s software company who’s hacking into government files. He doesn’t count on losing his heart to his prime suspect...Eileen Pringle.

Will Mirabelle’s race against time to unite the star-crossed lovers end in tragedy? Or will the Cinderellas of the world continue to find a perfect fit in Glass-Slipper.Com?
by Rebecca Anderson

Amber Quill Press
June 1, 2006
Available: June 1, 2006
ISBN #159279727X
EAN #9781592797271
214 pages
Trade Size (reprint)
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