"Bridget's dream of home and children is changed by destiny and 100 yr old curse"

It is 1792 -- 100 years since the witch hunts in Salem. Even so, Bridget sensed danger and has kept the fact that she is different from others to herself. All she wishes for is a home and family of her own, and soon that dream will be reality with her wedding to Peter.

She didn't know why she was irritated that Ben returned to town weeks before her wedding. The three of them had been inseparable friends almost all their lives, but it just seemed Ben was trouble. No one believed her that angelic Ben had put spiders in her shoes and numerous other pranks, but it seemed she was always caught when she retaliated. Well, they were adults now and she was not going to let him ruin her dreams of home and children.

Ben cannot believe the changes in his former playmate, Bridget. He is happy for her and his best friend, Peter but why does he feel that something is not as it should be? It is a little too late to consider that he may be feeling a bit more than friendship for her.

When accidents start happening to Bridget, Ben becomes concerned. After witnessing Bridget defend herself with her formerly hidden power, he realizes how special she is and although disappointed that she had never trusted him with her secret, Ben gives her unconditional support. They begin to suspect more than just natural reasons behind these attacks and begin to work together much to Peter's ire. Ben and Bridget will soon find themselves faced with a life much different than planned and facing forces they do not understand.

It is in the last chapters of the book that the story comes together with more understanding of the powers and curse and the others involved [although you still do not know the identity of 'the evil one']. This is the first in a trilogy and the ending, although completing Bridget & Ben's love story is just the beginning of the battle to break the curse on the MacInnes family.

The characters and this story are 'comfortable' - by that I mean easy to identify with and it is enjoyable to join in their story. Who hasn't had the experience of not knowing whether you wanted to hug or smack someone you love? The family relationship as well as the hero and heroine are bound in love even when in conflict. Although historical setting, these are 'real people' and Ms. Moffitt did a great job presenting full characters with their varied perspectives.

The historical setting makes this an interesting read and being 100 years after the infamous Salem witch hunts is a fresh view. I believe this would be a good book to recommend to someone who isn't quite sure if they'd like a paranormal. LIGHT A SINGLE CANDLE is a must for those who enjoy paranormal romance novels.




Bridget found out when she was 6 years old that she had the power to start fires with her thought. She has struggled in secret to teach herself to control this power and has succeeded except when under stress. One kiss from Ben and her control is lost. I loved it when his shirt caught fire because of the kiss! When Peter's jealousy causes a confrontation between the three of them, they find their lifelong friendship was different than they believed. This frees Bridget and Ben to pursue their love for each other and find more about Bridget's past and powers. At her wedding to Ben, we learn Bridget is adopted. Later we meet at Widow Bayley's to learn she is one of triplet sisters who must join to fight the 'evil one' and break the curse on the MacInnes family.

I put this separate as I know some would prefer not to know, but I felt that these additional points would interest some enough to read this book instead of brushing it off. When I reread the manuscript, knowing these things had me enjoying the story more; so I hope it has the same result for you.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted February 9, 2002


Go Through Fire . . . Headstrong Bridget Goodwell is determined that nothing will prevent her coming wedding to eminently respectable Peter Holton. All her life she has longed for stability, decorum - anything to deny the otherworldly secret she's hidden for so long from the suspicious townspeople of Salem, Massachusetts. But three weeks before the ceremony, Benjamin Hawkes drops anchor in Salem's harbor, threatening everything she has planned. Reckless, incredibly alluring Benjamin - Bridget's first love - is the only person who ever suspected that beneath her proper fascade lay a dangerous gift. Unable to deny the feelings he awakens in her, Bridget is horrified to discover that her love for him will lead her to an ancient curse, a legacy of witchcraft, and Benjamin's certain death - unless the passion that blazes between them breaks a powerful spell.


Light A Single Candle
(Ballad Romance - MacInnes Legacy #1)
by Julie Moffett

Kensington Publishing (Zebra)
March 1, 2002
ISBN #0821772708
352 pages
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