"Terrible dreams... or is it the gift of sight?"

Diana Plaas has been having terrible dreams... Dreams of a man being sacrificed on a rough stone altar. He lies limp, covered in blood. Another man with bizarre tattoos covering his body, bends to press his face into the open wounds... a muffled gasp is heard from the shadows. The Priest raises his head, mouth now covered in blood. Panting and sweating, she awakens to find that she is in her bedroom. What an awful dream!

By tomorrow this would not be her bedroom, she would be moving to an apartment in Beaverton. She was going to miss this house. Her thoughts went back to her dream, it was as though she'd witnessed what had happened, but that was impossible. She imagined it just like her other dreams. It was a coincidence that Mr. Mickelson's plane had crashed after she dreamt it, killing him and her husband Barry.

Win Sayre has just moved to Beaverton as well. He had only recently become a Mage, and his first assignment from the Council is to protect Diana. Win knows that Diana is "special" and has the gift of sight. But first he has to prove who and what he is. This will not be an easy task. Can he convince her that she is in great danger from the evil tattooed priest Shiva who wants to steal her powers and kill her?

I enjoyed reading MAGICK by Ms Taffs. The sequel titled MORE THAN MAGICK will be out next year. If you like your paranormal romance with a touch of suspense, then I recommend reading MAGICK! Another for my ever growing "Keeper" shelf.

Charlene Smith / January 2002
Copyright 2002 for PNR Reviews

Reviewed by Charlene Smith
Posted February 9, 2002


(Magick Series - Book I)
by Mary Taffs

May 22, 2002
ISBN #1587491524
202 pages
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