"Well-crafted medieval romance"

In 1307, when ailing King Edward I sends troops to end Bruce's campaign for Scottish freedom, Scots take over the Borders' Castle Langley after defeating the depleted English forces that are struggling with the plague. Scottish leader Eric Graham learns that his child is dead from the plague and his wife is near death. He blames Lord Afton for their plight feeling the inhuman treatment of the Scottish prisoners caused their deaths, but the English aristocrat has also died from the plague. Afton's widow Lady Igrainia tries to heal the sick, but Eric treats her with scorn and warns her that if his wife dies she dies too. Eric becomes ill and Igrainia heals him, but his wife dies.

Eric informs Igrainia that King Bruce has ordered him to marry her because Edward plans to wed her to Afton's cousin Robert Neville. Igrainia says no, but Eric forces her to marry him anyway. Eric admits that Igrainia tries to help Scot and English alike and begins to fall in with her. She reciprocates after observing how much Eric cares for everyone, but she wonders if his gilded cage is any better than the one Robert would lock her inside.

KNIGHTS TRIUMPHANT, the fourth Graham Family novel, is a well-crafted medieval romance that displays the impact of the Kings on the lives of nobles. Though the squabble between the lead characters feels overdone, the cast provides a deep look at the point when Edward I is nearing death. Fans of Shannon Drake will enjoy this tale and that the three previous will be republished.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted February 22, 2002


After her husband Afton, Lord of Langley, falls prey to a deadly plague, Englishwoman Igrainia finds herself a captive in her own castle....held hostage by Scottish warrior Eric Graham, whose wife and son - prisoners of Lord Langley-have also perished there.

To Graham, Igrainia is merely a political pawn, a pretty prize to dangle in front of the English king. But when the king refuses a trade - Igrainia for the wife of Scotland's ruler Robert the Bruce - Graham forces Igrainia to marry him, though the proud noblewoman would rather rot in her own dungeons than accept one gesture of kindness from her captor.

What Graham never expects is the desire that his strong- willed bride stirs in his soul. And when Igrainia discovers the true heart of the fearsome knight, her life- and loyalities-will never be the same....

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Knight Triumphant
(The Grahams: Book 4)
by Shannon Drake

Kensington Publishing (Zebra)
March 1, 2002
Available: March 1, 2002
ISBN #0821769286
EAN #9780821769287
480 pages
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