"Taut espionage thriller"

In 1939, M16 espionage agent William Hobbs seduces naive twenty-year old German Eva Bernhardt to work undercover in Germany spying for the British. After obtaining Eva's cooperation, William callously drops her leaving her at the mercies of M16, who believe Eva is the prefect person to drop in Berlin to learn when and where Hitler's invasion of France is to begin. The Nazis hope to uncover British moles to use them to transmit misinformation to the Allies.

In 1940, Eva hates both the Nazis and the British for their callous misuse of people. She is trying to obtain invasion information from Otto Klinger, a person who might have a grudge against the Nazis. However, the German Secret Service know Eva works for the British and plan to use her as a courier for disinformation to fool their enemies. Hobbs, who arranged a kidnapping of himself in Holland by the Gestapo, realizes the Nazis are using Eva as a pawn. He now knows he loves Eva and will risk his life to insure her safety even as the Nazis pursue him.

In his debut tale, A GATHERING OF SPIES, John Altman provided espionage fans with a taut World War II thriller. His second novel, A GAME OF SPIES is even better as readers receive a powerful historical spy tale that never slows down as both sides use people as fodder in a deadly game of trump. Fans of the genre will want to read this superb World War II novel that brings the era alive through the actions and reactions of a powerful ensemble.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted February 2, 2002


A Game Of Spies
by John Altman

February 14, 2002
ISBN #039914837X
256 pages
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