"Fast paced futuristic police procedural with plenty of punch"

They are two spoiled rich kids in their early twenties, whose goals in life are to have enough fun and thrills so they want wake up the next morning. They were overindulged all their lives, given every advantage but in their twisted psychopathic minds, that is not nearly enough for such special specimens as themselves. Kevin and Lucien devise a game with rules and points involving meeting women over chat lines and using date rape drugs to live out their fantasies.

Their first victim dies of an overdose of the drugs and Lieutenant Eve Dallas of the NYPSD catches the case. She quickly realizes there are two predators in their growing crime spree but they have gone to unusual lengths to cancel their identifies. Even with the help of her sexy and powerful husband Roarke, she is not getting any closer to putting the monsters inside a cage. It is going to take more than fancy footwork to catch these perpetrators. Eve will need all her brilliance perhaps abetted by a miracle or two to apprehend this duo.

This long running series remains fresh and entertaining so that a person could believe that this book is the beginning of the Eve Dallas-Roarke romantic mysteries. The plot is a highly developed and fast paced futuristic police procedural with plenty of punch. SEDUCTION IN DEATH is a fast breezy read and part of the enjoyment comes from hating the two antagonists who do not have one redeeming quality between them.

Harriet Klausner Copyright July, 2001

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted February 1, 2002


Dante had been courting his victim in cyberspace for weeks before meeting her in person. A few sips of wine and a few hours later, she was dead. The murder weapon: a rare, unusually undetectable date-rape drug with a street value of a quarter of a million dollars.

Lieutenant Eve Dallas is playing and replaying the clues in her mind. The candlelight, the music, the rose petals strewn across the bed--a seduction meant for his benefit, not hers. He hadn't intended to kill her. But now that he has, he is left with only two choices: He can either hole up in fear and guilt, or he can start hunting again...

Genre: Police Procedural, Mystery, Futuristic

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    Big Jack (2010)


Seduction In Death
(In Death: Book 15)
by J. D. Robb

Berkley Pub Group
September 1, 2001
Available: August 29, 2001
ISBN #0425181464
EAN #9780425181461
368 pages
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