"Dark thriller pitting vampyres against demons"

"Raw emotion coursed through Lazarus' soul as he sat among the Tribe taking their dinner. He studied the faces of each and every one of his kin and wondered which souls seated at his table were betraying him."

Danger and intrigue have been Lazarus Conlon's companions since birth. The son of Octavia, a mortal woman, and Lexliel, an angel of the 10th choir, he is saved from a life as a demon of the Nephillim when his grandfather makes him a Vampyre. As part of his immortal legacy, he becomes the leader of his Tribe. And now, 600 years later, the terror that stalked him in Rome has crept its way north to Connacht to invade his home.

It's 1095, medieval Ireland, and Ms. Piraneo gives us a dark thriller pitting vampyres against demons. Come the Night is a complex story, a dark journey of the soul where love and redemption come in the person of a Tracker sworn to destroy the Vampyres, and a prophecy that can only be fulfilled by the amulet she carries-an amulet filled with the blood of the Nazarene. Woven all through the plot are Angels, fallen from grace in the Garden of Eden, they are charged with the care and protection of the Vampryes. Montgomery, brother to Lexliel, is dedicated to Octavia and Lazarus, providing them and the Tribe with food and wine from Paradise for sustenance as they must not drink the blood of humans to exist. But can he protect Lazarus from the inner darkness that threatens to consume him? Anymore than he can protect him from the threat of his own demon son, whom he thought dead in the long ago past?

Come the Night has a new philosophy for the existence of Vampyres, as well as shedding new light on the roles Angels play in the mortal world.

Elaine Lanmon Copyright September, 2001
for PNR Reviews

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted February 1, 2002


Angels...Vampyres...Heaven and Hell... In medieval Ireland two worlds collide and the term dark ages takes on a whole new meaning...Come The Night. In medieval Ireland, an evil entity stalks Lazarus Conlon, Vampyre patriarch, threatening the safety of his wife and his family tribe. But to conquer this enemy, Lazarus must first fight his own demons including a sacred heritage descended of fallen angels. Amid this strife, Lazarus learns his only true hope rests within the heart and soul of a mortal tracker--his wife--a woman born to hunt his breed. Can his evil antagonist be defeated? Neomina Delacroix is no stranger to the world of the Vampyre. As appointed heiress of the Tracker Council and the keeper of the Amulet of Christ and the St. John Stake, Neomina's allegiance to her people is sealed in blood. But the true nature of her heritage has been kept secret for years, revealed only to her father--Gerard Delacroix--and to her husband--Lazarus Conlon. When terror strikes the Conlon Tribe, Neomina is their only hope. Can her heart outweigh the duties of her soul?


Come The Night
(Irish Vampyres #1)
by Angelique Armae

RFI West
September 1, 2001
Available: November 6, 2006
ISBN #158697369X
EAN #9781586973698
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